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F1 WAGs: Wives and Girlfriends of Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo

F1 WAGs: Wives and Girlfriends of Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo

F1 News

F1 WAGs: Wives and Girlfriends of Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo

F1 WAGs: Wives and Girlfriends of Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo
GPFans Staff

F1 is one of the most glamorous sports in the world, with the jet-setting lifestyle taking the drivers to every corner of the planet during the intense season.

Being on the road means meeting the attention of many adoring fans, which can be a dream - but only if you're single.

There is huge interest in the wives and girlfriends of the drivers on the grid, and when they are not driving around circuits at crazy speeds, F1 stars can often be found posting pictures on Instagram of their movie star lifestyles with their current partners.

Interest in their lives off track has also been heightened by exposure from the hit Netflix documentary series ‘Drive To Survive’, which continues to grow the audience outside of the action between the cars.

So who are the wives and girlfriends of the F1 stars? Here is what we know now:

Does Lewis Hamilton have a girlfriend?

The celebrity status of Lewis Hamilton is now stratospheric even beyond the sport of Formula 1, and in the past he has been linked to a number of high-profile celebrities, including singers Rita Ora, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna as well as models Barbara Palvin, Gigi Hagid, Winnie Harlow, and Sofia Richie.

His longest and most famous fling was with singer Nicole Scherzinger, who he dated on and off between 2007 and 2015. But in an interview at the beginning of 2021 Hamilton admitted to having a 'non-existent' romantic life, and that his focus was on racing.

That hasn't changed much of late, and he has extended his interests into other areas, including becoming increasingly interested in his personal carbon footprint, as well as being involved in the purchase of his very own NFL franchise.

However, that hasn't stopped rumours circling having been in close company with the likes of Shakira as well as actress Eiza Gonzalez and tennis star Jenny Stray Spetalen.

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Max Verstappen girlfriend

Kelly Piquet

Verstappen's ex-girlfriend was German student Dilara Sanik, but the pair broke off their relationship in 2020. Verstappen is guarded over his personal life, but we absolutely know that his girlfriend now is Brazilian model Kelly Piquet.

Kelly is the daughter of three-time F1 world champion Nelson Piquet, and she was previously in a relationship with another F1 driver, Daniil Kyvat.

Max and Kelly appeared to be very much in love on Valentine's Day 2023, posing for this picture in their home town of Monaco.

Fernando Alonso girlfriend? And Taylor Swift rumours?

Fernando and his Austrian TV presenter Andrea Schlager girlfriend announced that they were ending their romantic attachment in early April 2023. The pair had been together for just under a year.

Previously Alonso had been married to Spanish singer Raquel del Rosario between 2006 and 2011, and after that was long linked to Italian model and TV personality Linda Morselli.

In April 2023, Alonso was sensationally romantically linked with pop music megastar Taylor Swift. The Spaniard did nothing to quell the rumours, instead cheekily posting a TikTok video titled 'race week era' (with Swift is currently on her 'Eras' tour in the US) in which he looks up from his phone and winks at the camera to the soundtrack of one of her songs.

However, in June 2023 Alonso was reportedly linked with Melissa Jiminez, who works as a journalist for DAZN and is also the daughter of Antonio Jimenez - head mechanic for MotoGP rider Aleix Espargaro.

Alonso has been linked with journalist Melissa Jimenez - picture credit Instagram/melissajimenezgp

@fernandoalonso Race week era😉 #F1 #F1TikTok #Formula1 ♬ karma sped up - ✨️j <3 ✨️

Charles Leclerc girlfriend

There are rumours that Leclerc once again has a new gf, in the shape of 21-year-old art student Alexandra Saint Mieux. Those rumours though remain unconfirmed and if anything just highlight some of the bad things about social media.

The most recent confirmed Leclerc girlfriend was fellow Monegasque Charlotte Sine.

Charlotte - an architecture student - had been with Charles from the end of the 2019 season until Leclerc announced they were splitting up on December 6, 2022.

Writing in a touching Instagram story, he said: "Hello everyone, Charlotte and I have decided to end our relationship and we remain good friends.

"We have shared so many great moments and she is and always will be a very special person to me.

"She is amazing and deserves the best, please respect our decision and her privacy in a time like this. Thank you."

Before Sine, Leclerc's previous girlfriend was model Giada Gianni. They were together for a number of years before splitting up in late 2019.

Lando Norris girlfriend spilt

Lando Norris caused a social media explosion, and broke a few hearts too, by confirming in early 2022 that he was dating Portuguese model Luisinha Oliveira.

Later in 2022 Norris also revealed some of the online hate and death threats the pair have received, underlining the negative side of fame which is often forgotten.

But Norris has since confirmed that he and Oliveira had split following claims he had attempted to contact another model online. In a series of leaked Instagram posts he was shown asking a Dutch model, that he had met at the Zandvoort Grand Prix the year prior, if she wanted to join him for a McDonald's.

After the messages were released, Norris announced that he and Oliveira had had an 'amicable' split. At the time of writing, Norris is single.

Does Daniel Ricciardo have a girlfriend?

It seems the Australian’s charm stretches beyond the boundaries of F1, as he has been linked to a handful of stunning women in recent years following the end of his long-term relationship with childhood sweetheart Jemma Boskovich in 2016.

He was rumoured at one time to be dating Red Bull colleague Annemarie Horbass, who worked with an event management company associated with the team.

More recently, Ricciardo has been said to be involved with model and fellow Perth native Jessica Gomes and regularly linked with Heidi Berger, daughter of former F1 star Gerhard Berger. Ricciardo and Berger were pictured together in May 2023 at the wedding of the sister of Aston Martin star Lance Stroll.

Does Oscar Piastri have a girlfriend?

So the newest kid on the F1 block is young gun Aussie Oscar Piastri, who is signed up to join Lando Norris at McLaren for 2023.

The Australian has kept details of his girlfriend private for the most part, but shared an image of him with Lily Zneimer at Wimbledon who he has been dating for four-and-a-half years.

Sebastian Vettel wife

Notoriously private about his life away from F1, Vettel (who retired last year) has been in a long-term relationship with childhood friend-turned-girlfriend-turned-wife Hanna Prater.

The pair have two daughters and a son, and they married in early 2019.

Valtteri Bottas girlfriend

For nearly a decade, Bottas was involved with Olympic Swimmer and fellow Finn, Emilia Pikkarainen. After dating from 2010, she became his wife when they married in August 2016 in Helsinki.

Unfortunately in a social media posting in January 2020, Bottas admitted that their marriage had come to an end.

Now Valtteri is dating Australian cycling star Tiffany Cromwell, and it was she who took that now infamous Bottas bum picture in May 2022.

Sergio Perez wife

Checo has been with Carola Martinez since 2011, and the pair married in 2018 after previously having their first child together - Sergio Jr. Since then they have also welcomed a daughter Carlota and a second son Emilio.

Perez is relatively private about his life away from F1, but Carola regularly posts pictures of the family together on her Instagram.

Lance Stroll girlfriend

Not only does Stroll have a burgeoning F1 career, but his dad Lawrence is a billionaire, making him a fairly eligible bachelor.

He has been linked in the past to designer, TV presenter, and socialite Kimberley Garner, but Stroll is now dating Italian model Sara Pagliaroli, who also has her own jewellery brand Blue Lemon.

Pierre Gasly girlfriend

The Alpine star is currently dating Portuguese model Francisca (Kika) Cerqueira Gomes

Previously Pierre had been seen out with Italian aerospace engineer Caterina Masetti Zannini from 2018 but the pair later split. More recently he had also dated Ukrainian model and social media influencer Katerina Berezhna.

Carlos Sainz girlfriend

In 2021 Sainz was romantically linked with former journalism student and current PR Isabel Hernaez, but the Spanish Ferrari ace is notoriously protective about his life away from the track.

However, the pair split in 2023, and Hernaez had some short comments to make about the break-up, but wished Sainz well, stating via Hola Magazine: "I'll keep the good always, of course. And I wish him all the happiness."

Carlos Sainz and Isabel Hernaez have gone their separate ways

George Russell girlfriend

The young Mercedes star’s current girlfriend is Carmen Montero Mundt, who works for London-based investment company Ruffer LLP.

Previously Russell had dated Seychelle De Vries, the sister of Mercedes F1 test driver Nyck de Vries.

Mick Schumacher girlfriend

Schumacher, the son of F1 great Michael and now making his own impact on the sport with Haas, is motor racing royalty. No surprise then that there is a ton of interest in who the German is dating.

So who is Mick’s current girlfriend? Well reports suggest it is Justine Huysman, daughter of former Norwegian motorsport star Harald Huysman.

Alex Albon girlfriend

Williams star Albon has a partner who knows all about the challenges of being a famous sports personality.

Alex’s current girlfriend is pro golfer Lily Muni, who he has been dating since 2019. The Chinese star plays on the LPGA Tour based in the United States.

Kevin Magnussen wife

Haas star Magnussen does not share much detail on social media about his private life, but we do know for sure that his wife since 2019 is Louise Gjorup.

In 2021 the pair welcomed their first child into the world - a daughter named Laura.

Esteban Ocon girlfriend

The Frenchman, currently partnering Fernando Alonso at Alpine, partners with Elena Berri off the track. She is an Italian model and social media influencer.

Yuki Tsunoda girlfriend

As far as we know the Japanese ace is currently single, so for now we just have to be satisfied with his hilarious bromance with AlphaTauri team-mate Pierre Gasly!

Guanyu Zhou girlfriend

There is much buzz around the first ever Chinese F1 driver, but so far all we know about Guanyu Zhou is very much on track.

The Alpha Romeo star, who somehow emerged relatively unscathed from a horrific first-lap crash at the British Grand Prix in 2022, reveals very little about his private life.

As of now we do not know officially who he is dating if anyone.

Christian Horner wife

Thanks in no small part to that Netlix smash hit ‘Drive To Survive’ even some of the team principals are now huge celebrities in their own right. Red Bull chief Christian Horner absolutely fits that bill.

Horner is married to none other than ‘Ginger Spice’ herself, Geri Halliwell. Horner got together with the Spice Girls superstar in 2014 and they welcomed their first son in 2016. The pair posed for this photo on Valentine's Day 2023.

Previously Christian had been married to Beverley Allen, with whom he had a daughter.

Toto Wolff wife

The Austrian giant, team principal for Mercedes, also has a very well-known wife.

Toto Wolff married former Williams F1 driver Susie Wolff (nee Stoddart) in 2011 and the pair have a son together. Susie is now CEO of Venturi Racing in Formula E.

Wolff has two children from a previous marriage.

Jean Todt partner and fiancee

The former Ferrari team principal and FIA chief Jean Todt might have the most famous partner of all - movie star Michelle Yeoh. The pair, who are engaged, have been together for around two decades. Rumour has it the great Michael Schumacher helped Todt woo the superstar actress after they first met!

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