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WAGs: Wives and Girlfriends of Formula 1 stars, including rumoured partners of Lewis Hamilton

WAGs: Wives and Girlfriends of Formula 1 stars, including rumoured partners of Lewis Hamilton

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WAGs: Wives and Girlfriends of Formula 1 stars, including rumoured partners of Lewis Hamilton

WAGs: Wives and Girlfriends of Formula 1 stars, including rumoured partners of Lewis Hamilton

With the 2021 Formula 1 season just around the corner, we can't wait for the action to begin again, and while we wait, there's often fascination around the lifestyles of the drivers away from the track.

Whilst the infamous playboy lifestyle may not be in as much evidence these days, the big salaries and the international set-setting lifestyle does lend itself to Instagram-ready pictures for the grid's drivers. So who are the wives and girlfriends of the grid as we head into the 2021 F1 driver's championship?


Lewis Hamilton's celebrity status is now stratospheric even beyond the sport of Formula 1, and in the past Hamilton has been linked to a number of high-profile celebrities, including singers Rita Ora, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna, and models Barbara Palvin, Gigi Hagid, Winnie Harlow, and Sofia Richie.

His longest, and most famous fling was with singer Nicole Scherzinger, whom he dated on and off between 2007 and 2015. But in an interview at the beginning of 2021 Hamilton admitted to having a 'non-existent' romantic life, and that his focus was on racing.


Notoriously private about his life away from F1, Vettel has been in a long-term relationship with childhood friend-turned-girlfriend, Hanna Prater, with whom he has two children, Emilie and Matilda. He will race under the Aston Martin badge in the 2021 season.


The 2007 champion may not like talking about himself too much, but we still know he has been married on two occasions, first to former Miss Scandinavia, Jenni Dahlman from 2004 to 2014, and then to his current wife, fitness and underwear model Minna-Mari "Minttu" Virtanen in 2016. With the latter, he has two children - a boy and a girl.


Kelly Piquet

Verstappen's ex-girlfriend is German student Dilara Sanik, but the pair broke off their relationship last year. Verstappen is guarded over his personal life, but in 2021 his girlfriend is Brazilian model Kelly Piquet.

32-year-old Piquet is the daughter of legendary F1 driver Nelson, and was previously in a relationship with fellow F1 driver Daniil Kyvat.


Charles Leclerc's ex-girlfriend, model Giada Gianni, was with the Ferrari driver for a number of years and there were rumours of an engagement in the works. But the pair broke things off at the end of 2019, and since Leclerc has found a new partner.

Fellow Monegasque resident Charlotte Sine has been with Leclerc since the end of the 2019 season. She is an architect student and, until lockdown hit at least, she begun posting pictures of her accompanying Leclerc on his travels to various F1 venues.


Jessica Gomes

It seems the Australian’s charm stretches beyond the boundaries of F1, as he has been linked to a handful of stunning women in recent years following the end of his long-term relationship with childhood sweetheart Jemma Boskovich in 2016.

He was rumoured to be dating Red Bull colleague Annemarie Horbass, who worked with an event management company associated with the team. More recently, he has been said to be involved with model and fellow Perth native Jessica Gomes, but has refused to confirm any relationship exists. But as of 2021, the Australian is thought to be single.


For nearly a decade, Bottas was involved with Olympic Swimmer and fellow Finn, Emilia Pikkarainen. After dating since 2010, they were married in August 2016 in Helsinki.

Unfortunately in a social media posting in January 2020, Bottas admitted that the marriage had come to an end, and he is thought to be single at the moment.


Pierre Gasly has been dating Caterina Masetti Zannini, who hails from Bologna, Italy, since 2018. Unlike many of the girlfriends on the grid, Zannini’s career is not in modelling but as an established aerospace engineer.

The duo posted the above picture to their Instagram in April 2020 just after the beginning of lockdown.


Romain Grosjean may not be on the F1 grid for the 2021 season, but home life is probably just as busy as his F1 career! He has been with television presenter and journalist Marion Jolles Grosjean for over a decade, having been married since 2012. Together they have three children - Sacha, Simon, and Camille.


Norris isn't believed to be fairly outgoing, and has admitted previously that he prefers staying home and playing video games than embracing the glitz and glamour of his celebrity status. If he has a beau, it’s a secret one, though as of 2021 he noted that he had enjoyed spending time in lockdown with his games.


Kimberley Garner

Not only does Stroll have a burgeoning F1 career, but his dad is a billionaire, making him a fairly eligible bachelor. He was previously linked to designer, tv presenter, and socialite Kimberley Garner.


Alonso, who returns to F1 in 2021, has long been linked with Italian lingerie model Linda Morselli, but at the moment it is unclear whether the pair remain an item.


Checo has been partnered with Carola Martinez since 2011 and got married last summer after previously having a child together - Sergio Perez Jr.

Perez is usually quite private about his life away from F1 but Carola regularly posts pictures of the family together on her Instagram.


In 2021 Sainz has been romantically linked with former journalism student and current PR Isabel Hernaez, but Sainz is notoriously protected about his life away from the track and it is unclear whether the couple are officially an item.


George Russell's current girlfriend in 2021 is Seychelle De Vries, the sister of Formula 2 driver Nyck de Vries. The pair rarely post pictures of their relationship together on social media.


Schumacher will follow in the footsteps of his father and take a seat in F1 in the 2021 season, but at the time of writing the 21-year-old isn't thought to have a girlfriend.


Latifi's girlfriend is Pole Sandra Dziwiszek, who lives in London and is a lawyer by profession, but is also looking to move into modelling. The couple have been together for a few years.


Albon has been demoted back to reserve driver for Red Bull in a decision that the man himself admitted had 'hurt', following his spell in the hotseat after usurping Pierre Gasly.

But as of 2021 he continues to spend time with his professional golfer girlfriend, Lily Muni, who he has been with since 2019.


The Red Bull boss is married to none other than ‘Ginger Spice’ herself, Geri Halliwell. Horner got together with the Spice Girls member in 2014 and welcomed their first son in 2016. As of 2021 the pair are still together.


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