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Lando Norris net worth: Ferrari and clever YouTube moves have boosted wealth

Lando Norris net worth: Ferrari and clever YouTube moves have boosted wealth

F1 News

Lando Norris net worth: Ferrari and clever YouTube moves have boosted wealth

Lando Norris net worth: Ferrari and clever YouTube moves have boosted wealth

Lando Norris, the F1 rising star, is making waves on and off the track. But just how much is this young Brit worth?

At just 24 years old, Lando Norris has cemented himself as one of the brightest stars on the grid. With a new multi-year contract locking him into McLaren beyond 2025, the Brit eyes the crown, and he is "more convinced than ever" he can win the world championship with the Woking team.

As one of the most promising names in Formula 1, Norris' career trajectory is not just captivating the world of motorsport but also sparking curiosity about his burgeoning financial success.

So, just how much does the McLaren star weigh in when it comes to net worth and luxury assets? Let's find out.

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Lando Norris net worth as of 2024

While estimates differ, several sources agree that Lando's net worth has comfortably zoomed past the £10 million mark reported by the Sunday Times Rich List in 2022, now reaching an estimated $30 million.

This meteoric rise owes much to his lucrative McLaren contract, offering a cool $15 million annually ($5 million base + $10 million performance-related bonuses), propelling him to sixth place on Forbes' list of highest-paid F1 drivers in 2023.

Expect this figure to rise after the Brit inked a contract extension that will keep him with the Papaya past the 2025 season.

But Lando's financial prowess extends beyond his F1 earnings. He's a magnet for sponsors, attracting big names like his father's company, Pure Electric, Bell Helmets, wearegrip, PAP, TUMI, Quadrant, LN Racing Kart, and ADD Management.

These partnerships contribute significantly to his wealth, adding another layer of financial security to his already impressive portfolio.

Speaking of impressive, his father, Adam Norris, is also a titan in his own right, ranking among Britain's wealthiest individuals with a jaw-dropping £200 million fortune, according to the 2022 Sunday Times Rich List.

His climb to the top started in his thirties as managing director of Pensions Direct, culminating in its lucrative integration into Hargreaves Lansdown. Adam's £187 million stake in the giant solidified his financial clout.

Today, Adam has invested in over 30 young companies over the last 10 years through his company, Horatio Investments, but his main focus is Pure Electric, the e-scooter and e-bike company he founded in late 2018.

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How Lando Norris spend his millions

Lando's lifestyle reflects his burgeoning fortune. He owned a stunning mansion in Surrey, reportedly worth $20 million, close to the McLaren Technology Centre, before moving to sunny Monaco.

His garage boasts a collection of luxury cars, including a £313,000 McLaren 765LT Spider, a £166,000 McLaren GT, and a £324,000 Rolls-Royce Wraith.

It is also reported that he owns a Land Rover Defender, a Lamborghini Aventador, a Jaguar F-Type Roadster, a Ferrari F8, and an Audi Q8.

Lando Norris investments

In late 2023, Norris teamed up with Carlos Sainz, Valtteri Bottas, and other athletes, including Manchester United's Christian Eriksen and Raphael Varane, to back the $54 million Lisbon-based fund 'APEX'.

The 'Elite Performance Fund' launched by Apex focuses on sports, media, and entertainment with an eye on athlete performance, nutrition, and fan engagement.

The British-Belgian driver also holds stakes in Projectcore - a London-based property development firm - as well as tech companies like VirtaMed and DeepMind.

In addition, Norris established his own karting team, LN Racing Kart, in 2021, providing a platform for young talents to hone their skills.

He also founded the esports team Quadrant in late 2020, which has recently secured a partnership with YouTuber star Will Lenney, or WillNE, worth seven figures.

The entertainment brand is said to generate millions of pounds in annual revenue from partnerships and merchandise sales alone, while the YouTube channel is said to be worth a whopping $762,000, according to Net Spot Worth.

In January 2024, Quadrant announced the launch of 'Quadrant Athletes' - a "groundbreaking initiative set to redefine expectations in content, sports, and storytelling."

The team announced the signing of professional skateboarder Keegan Palmer, Moto3 rider Ivan Ortola, Motocross rider Lotte Van Drunen, and World Rally driver Oliver Solberg.

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