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Best F1 TV commentators and presenters ranked: Kravitz and Brundle lead the way

Best F1 TV commentators and presenters ranked: Kravitz and Brundle lead the way

Best F1 TV commentators and presenters ranked: Kravitz and Brundle lead the way

Best F1 TV commentators and presenters ranked: Kravitz and Brundle lead the way

It's always a hot topic of debate as to who the best F1 commentators, presenters and pundits are – and now we've decided to present GPFans' official view as to the very best from around the globe.

It's a global set of rankings, simply because it has to be in this day and age. Over one-and-a-half BILLION people watched F1 last season and to satisfy that need TV broadcasters around the world have to ensure they keep audiences satisfied for every second of every race.

It's staggering to think of the numbers behind that undertaking, both financially and in terms of the vast swathes of people involved in ensuring that the action on the track transmits to screens across the globe.

It's the fastest growing sport on the planet and it's the TV presenters, commentators and analysts who really bring the sport to life as viewers watch on TV.

In our regularly updated power rankings, GPFans looks at the best in the business from around the world and ranks them according to their skill and popularity

Here is our latest set of rankings...

GPFans Broadcast Power Rankings

1. Ted Kravitz

Ted Kravitz is somewhat of a cult figure in his own right

Ted Kravitz is an F1 legend in his own right and in a season where some of the races have been tepid at best, Ted's Notebook on Sky Sports has been unmissable viewing.

The Englishman, 49, started off as a pit lane reporter but has grown into a hugely popular figure in the paddock in his own right – and now, in what's surely the highlight of his career, he's the champion of the GPFans Broadcast Power Rankings!

With his own unique brand of wit and charm, Kravitz is happy to approach anyone for a chat – whether it be about F1 or just, well, anything at all really.

Ted’s Notebook is a must-watch to complete your coverage on a race weekend for watchers of Sky Sports. So many little nuggets arise from it, whether it be related to F1, popular culture or anywhere in between.

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2. Martin Brundle

Martin Brundle isn't scared to get right up and close with the action

The king of the Grid Walk, Martin Brundle would probably be the GOAT of this list for many fans around the world.

The former Williams and McLaren driver has always been an expert at making difficult technical aspects of the sport digestible for newer F1 fans but having insight interesting enough that it makes long-term acolytes pause and think.

Brundle has also provided many memories as he wanders around the grid in the pre-race build-up always beating other broadcasters to get interviews with celebrities, officials and drivers alike – and he's respected by pretty much everyone. Absolute certainty for a place on the podium, and surely he'll vault back to the top at some point!

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3. Naomi Schiff

Naomi Schiff interviews Max Verstappen on track

A former W-Series racer, Naomi Schiff brings excellent analysis across a race weekend and is quickly cementing herself as a forthright authority on all matters in F1, and also some of the more controversial topics around the sport.

It's also worth noting her terrific work on Sky’s Any Driven Monday. Alongside Matt Baker, Schiff brings F2, F3 and IndyCar discussion to mainstream media, to complement Sky Sports’ Formula 1 coverage.

Schiff is a top operator – with great takes on the big issues, good questions and the right amount of humour as well. A deserved placing in the top three of the list for the Rwandan.

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4. Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg is an accomplished broadcaster in two various language and features regularly on the F1 broadcast in two different countries

As the only man to beat Lewis Hamilton at the peak of his supremacy, Rosberg has incredible insight into the mentality of the seven-time champion and other key personalities on the grid. He's also completely unafraid to say it as he sees it – that makes him must-watch TV.

He's also completely unafraid to ask the hard questions when given the opportunity to speak to the key names within the sport – an important factor when considering his value to a broadcast.

Another thing that sets Rosberg apart is his ability to break down the sport comprehensively in two different languages (German and English) for the host broadcasters in both countries. He also speaks French, Italian and Spanish, so could do it in those languages too if he wanted!

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5. Federica Masolin

Federica Masolin speaks to Helmut Marko on the grid

Federica Masolin is a very talented Italian journalist and television presenter for Sky Sport Italia.

After nearly a decade in the sport, Masolin is one of the most well-known women in motorsport and has an excellent knowledge of all aspects of F1.

Whether operating as presenter or pit lane reporter, she's not scared to ask tough questions whilst remaining friendly and offering a vibrant energy to the Italian TV broadcast.

6. Peter Hardenacke

Peter Hardenacke is a new entry to the GPFans Broadcast Power Rankings

Peter Hardenacke is a relatively new face to the game and leads F1 commentary for Sky Germany's broadcast – and he's beginning to become known more universally given his penchant for helping to break big stories.

On the mic, Hardenacke has solid chemistry with lead analyst Ralf Schumacher whilst maintaining the necessary neutrality in his views and opinions.

His ability to speak Spanish as well as English makes for great pre-Grand Prix grid walk interviews and notably he appears skilled at getting good answers out of the big German-speaking names in the sport, such as Red Bull supremo Helmut Marko.

7. Jenson Button

Jenson Button is a likeable presence on UK fans' TV screens

Jenson Button has to be one of the most likeable figures in the entire sport and is tasked with a variety of disciplines by Sky Sports, whether it be providing incisive punditry and analysis or getting into the commentary booth on the mic as the key analyst during the race.

That shows his dexterity and, as well as Button's likrability, he has been becoming far hotter with his takes when asked to give his opinion.

Top job JB, and a deserved place in the top 10!

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8. Luis Manuel 'Chacho' Lopez

Known as “The F1 voice” in Mexico, 'Chacho' Lopez is the most respected F1 pundit in the country and one of the greats of motorsport journalism in all of Latin America, having spent over three decades covering automotive sports (F1, Cart, IRL, Indy Car).

He’s known for his objectivity and composure, generally, always pushing for the Mexican-Latin American drivers. He leads the Fox Sports F1 broadcast team, along with Diego Mejia (tech analyst) and Michel Jourdain Jr (former driver and commentator) and his personality makes him a valid new entry on this list.

'Chacho' is a huge figure in Mexico and will have fans also chasing his autograph when Round 19 rolls around.

9. Pedro de la Rosa

Pedro de la Rosa is a popular figure on Spanish TV

As a former F1 driver Pedro de la Rosa has plenty of experience to lean on and is very much a fixture in Spanish-language coverage of F1 in Europe.

The 52-year-old is a veteran of 107 Grands Prix, racing for Arrows, Jaguar, McLaren, Sauber and HRT teams and is noted as a great communicator when explaining technical aspects of the sport or cars.

' Spanish correspondent said: "He has the exceptional talent of knowing how to translate all that knowledge that he treasures about each of the ins and outs of F1 to make them accessible to the general public."

10. Jacques Villeneuve

Jacques Villeneuve is a top broadcaster on French TV these days

The 1997 world champion has been commentating on F1 in France alongside Julien Febreau for 10 years now.

A somewhat controversial figure during his time in the sport, Villeneuve appeases nobody with his remarks on a raceday. He's very fond of giving his opinion, whether it be on strategies, personalities, or incidents on track.

Our French correspondent commented that the Canadian "is never short of little piques and reflections" and that pretty much sums Villeneuve up.

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