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Verstappen admits F1 disadvantage ahead of Las Vegas GP

Verstappen admits F1 disadvantage ahead of Las Vegas GP

F1 News

Verstappen admits F1 disadvantage ahead of Las Vegas GP

Verstappen admits F1 disadvantage ahead of Las Vegas GP

Max Verstappen acknowledges that he has much to learn about the Las Vegas Grand Prix circuit, humorously revealing that he crashed into the wall multiple times while navigating it on the Formula 1 game.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix has been a highly anticipated race weekend on the Formula 1 calendar however, it has presented some challenges for the teams.

Marking F1's return to Las Vegas since 1982, the upcoming race presents a unique challenge as teams navigate a track unfamiliar to the current generation, relying heavily on data to anticipate the race.

Three-time world champion Verstappen acknowledged the challenge of preparing for the Las Vegas Grand Prix, noting that his initial attempts on the circuit in the Formula 1 game were unsuccessful, highlighting the need for continued effort in the build-up.

“I’ll deal with that once I arrive at the track, I mean there’s still a lot to do,” Verstappen told the media following his victory at the Brazilian Grand Prix. “I still need to go on the simulator, I still don’t even know the track to be honest.

“So, the last time I tried it on the F1 game I think I hit more walls than I was going straight so let’s hope that’s not the case when I start driving there!”

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Las Vegas makes its return to the F1 calender since 1982
Max Verstappen has admitted difficulties he may face ahead of Las Vegas GP

Added complications ahead of Las Vegas GP

The upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix, already shrouded in controversy, may add another layer of difficulty for teams, as it is anticipated to be the coldest F1 race ever recorded.

Mercedes Head of Trackside Performance, Riccardo Musconi, also suggested that the weather would be a main problem for the team.

“The weather is going to play a big part in it,” Musconi said on the Akkodis F1 Race Debrief. “It is quite cold at this time of the year in Vegas, especially with the sessions happening around midnight, and the tyres we have the softest selection of tyres in Vegas. So that is adding an extra dimension to the problem.

“The truth is, every team to some degree, will venture into the unknown because we don’t have any previous data. So, the preparation work we are conducting at the factory will have to cover different dimensions, different aspects of it more than we usually do for other tracks.”

Las Vegas GP is set to have the coldest ever temperatures recorded in F1 history

Ross Brawn, former F1 chief, also warned that cold temperatures at the Las Vegas Grand Prix could pose a risk to the tyres, increasing the likelihood of drivers encountering difficulties and potential crashes.

“The one thing we hadn’t considered initially but the tyre company have dealt with is it gets very, very cold at night,” Brawn told talkSPORT.

“So, it can be really quite cold, and of course getting the cars to work in those temperatures can be a challenge.

“The tyre companies have done some work to make sure the tyres can cope with that. We’re definitely facing some new challenges which we’ve never had before.”

As the Las Vegas Grand Prix approaches at the end of November, the F1 teams and drivers are gearing up to face potential challenges, and it remains to be seen how they will cope with the predicted issues.

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