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Alonso links Grosjean F1 horror crash with 'over the limit' Qatar Grand Prix

Alonso links Grosjean F1 horror crash with 'over the limit' Qatar Grand Prix

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Alonso links Grosjean F1 horror crash with 'over the limit' Qatar Grand Prix

Alonso links Grosjean F1 horror crash with 'over the limit' Qatar Grand Prix

Two-time Formula 1 world champion Fernando Alonso has said that the events of the Qatar Grand Prix may have been a knock-on effect of Romain Grosjean's 2020 Bahrain GP horror crash.

The conditions in Qatar were criticised by many drivers, including Lando Norris who said that it was 'too dangerous' for the drivers to be expected to race.

Searing hot temperatures caused a host of drivers to feel unwell, including Logan Sargeant who had to retire from the race after experiencing 'extreme dehydration' behind the wheel.

Esteban Ocon admitted 'throwing up' in his helmet during the race, whilst a number of drivers were seen to by medical staff after feeling faint both during and after the race.

Now, Alonso has said that the increased effects of the heat could be down to an improvement made to fireproof clothing following Grosjean's nasty crash.

Romain Grosjean's car burst into flames after a crash at the Bahrain Grand Prix in 2020
Williams' Logan Sargeant had to retire from the Qatar Grand Prix due to the harsh conditions causing him to feel unwell
Esteban Ocon also struggled in Qatar, admitting to throwing up in his helmet during the race

The Frenchman had a huge shunt into the barriers during the 2020 Bahrain GP, causing his car to be torn in half and burst into flames.

Thankfully, Grosjean escaped the burning inferno with only minor burns to his hands and ankles, as well as suffering fractured ribs, but the incident caused F1 to implement changes in what drivers should wear.

"The priority in Formula 1 is to be boxes and all these things in the cockpit because you can tidy the bodywork and give priority to the aerodynamics, which is obviously good," Alonso told media ahead of the United States Grand Prix.

"But in some cases, maybe Singapore, Miami or Qatar, it is something that we need to think about, and also with the racing kit, the overalls, the fireproof underwear it is very thick right now to be within the regulations after the Grosjean crash.

"It is very difficult because you need to have safe equipment for fire in case it happens, but that equipment in some conditions, in some races is just not evaporating the heat and it stays with you for the whole race, so the body cannot perform at its normal level."

Alonso: Qatar conditions 'too extreme'

Fernando Alonso appeared to deal with the conditions in Qatar well, despite being 42

After the Qatar GP weekend, in which Max Verstappen brilliantly clinched his third consecutive drivers' championship, the FIA announced that they would be investigating the challenges that drivers had to face.

George Russell, who is director of the Grand Prix Driver's Association, said that the conditions were over the limit, and admitted that he almost fainted whilst driving.

Sky Sports F1 pundit Martin Brundle, however, said that drivers should have to face extreme conditions as he believes drivers were put through worse in the past.

Now, Alonso has had his say.

"I think conditions [in Qatar] were too extreme to race, but obviously no one could anticipate it because Saturday was not that hot and humidity was much higher on Sunday, and the temperature as well so maybe it was a little bit of a surprise," he continued.

"We need to learn from this episode and were too on the limit for the physical aspect of drivers."

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