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'Too dangerous' Qatar conditions leave drivers woozy, vomiting and exhausted

'Too dangerous' Qatar conditions leave drivers woozy, vomiting and exhausted

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'Too dangerous' Qatar conditions leave drivers woozy, vomiting and exhausted

'Too dangerous' Qatar conditions leave drivers woozy, vomiting and exhausted

The Qatar Grand Prix has been described as 'too dangerous' by Lando Norris, who also revealed a number of drivers passed out in the medical centre after the race.

Sunday's race took place in 34 degree heat, with temperatures inside the cockpit reaching into the 50s.

The harsh conditions led to a number of drivers feeling unwell both during and after the race, with some of them needing hospital treatment.

The race was held in brutal conditions, causing many drivers to suffer, with Lando Norris seen chugging water afterwards
Lance Stroll was one of a number of drivers who felt unwell after the race, and was checked over by medical crews

After the race, Norris told media: "We're in a closed car that gets extremely hot in a very physical race and it's frustrating I guess on TV. It probably doesn't look very physical at all.

"But clearly when you have people who end up retiring, or are in such a bad state, it's too much. For the speeds we are doing is it is too dangerous."

Logan Sargeant had to retire on lap 40 of the Qatar GP after feeling unwell

Sargeant retires sick

Perhaps the first indication as to how hot conditions were at the Losail International Circuit was when the Williams team sent a radio message to Logan Sargeant asking him if he wanted to retire.

The young American had been struggling in the cockpit and, with him running in last place, the team thought it best for him to retire back to the pits, rather than risking his safety in dangerous circumstances.

Although Sargeant did manage to carry on for a couple more laps, he ended up retiring with 16 laps to go, a brave decision from a man desperate to impress given the fact he doesn't currently have a contract for 2024.

Lie-down in the cool down room

After Max Verstappen led home Oscar Piastri to win his 14th race of the season, it became clear that even the dominant Dutchman had struggled with the heat.

He walked into the cool down room with Piastri lying on the floor resting, and he decided he would do the same.

Little did we know at this point quite how many of the drivers further down the order had also suffered in the brutal conditions.

Russell: 'Borderline too much'

Sargeant's team-mate Alex Albon visibly struggled to get out of his car after the race, and Williams revealed that he also had to go to the medical centre, to be treated for acute heat exposure.

He was cleared by the medics but opted not to do any post-race media duties.

Aston Martin's Lance Stroll had to go straight over to the ambulance once getting out of his car in parc ferme, before revealing after the race that he 'passed out in the car', suffering from episodes of faintness and blurry vision.

Stroll was not the only driver to have problems whilst driving the car.

Esteban Ocon admitted to throwing up in his helmet on lap 15, before carrying on and finishing the race in seventh. The Frenchman was also taken to the medical centre, and was cleared.

Haas' Kevin Magnussen was yet another driver who struggled, stating that he 'felt nauseous' behind the wheel.

Mercedes' George Russell, who is also the director of the Grand Prix Drivers' Association, revealed he was 'close to fainting during the race' before saying it was 'borderline too much' for the drivers to have to race in those conditions.

It was also reported that some team members had been struggling on the pit wall, with both Aston Martin and Williams confirming that everybody was okay in their teams in the end.

Next year's event in Qatar will be held right at the end of November, when it should be a fair bit cooler than this weekend's brutal conditions.

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