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F1 Fantasy 2024: Driver and team prices, rules, and how to play

F1 Fantasy 2024: Driver and team prices, rules, and how to play

F1 Fantasy 2024: Driver and team prices, rules, and how to play

F1 Fantasy 2024: Driver and team prices, rules, and how to play

The F1 Fantasy game is back for another season! Dive into driver and team prices, gameplay details, and the thrilling prizes awaiting top contenders in 2024.

Calling all F1 fanatics! Are you ready to put your knowledge and predictions to the test? The official F1 Fantasy game is back for another season, offering you the chance to become a virtual team principal and compete against friends and rivals across the globe.

Launched in 2018, this exciting game has captivated fans by allowing them to put together their dream driver and constructor lineup, earning points based on real-world race performances.

Can you outwit your friends and virtual rivals and reign supreme as the ultimate F1 Fantasy champion?

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F1 Fantasy: Game rules and how to play

So, the game is quite simple. Every fan has the chance to create three different teams. With a virtual budget of $100 million, you can choose five drivers and two constructors for each team, carefully considering their past performances, upcoming races, and tracks.

Also, keep an eye on the pre-season testing in Bahrain (Feb 21–23)! It's your chance to spot hidden gems and draft the hottest drivers and teams for the 2024 season.

Once you set everything up, your drivers' real-world results every race weekend translate into fantasy points, with qualifying, sprint, and race finishes contributing to your team's overall score.

Each week, you can also pick a driver to get a DRS boost, which means he will get double points for that race weekend.

During the 24-race season, you will also have the chance to play your 'chips' to try to maximise your team's score for the next GP. According to the game, each chip will suit different situations throughout the season; whether it's helping you make wholesale changes to your lineup or giving one driver a huge x3 score multiplier, there's a chip that can help.

There are six chips available, but each one can only be used once during the season, and you can only use one per race.

You can also make swaps in this game, just like in the Fantasy Premier League (FPL). However, here you get two free swaps every week and exceeding that number will cost you -10 points per additional transfer.

F1 Fantasy: Scoring system

Now let's break down the points. In qualifying, every starting position matters. Drivers bag points based on their results, with polesitter fetching a kingly 10 points and positions falling progressively down to 1 point for 10th place. Failing to set a time or disqualification will land you in negative points territory.

For constructors, -1 point if neither driver reaches Q2, 1 point if one driver reaches Q2, 3 points if both drivers reach Q2, 5 points if one driver reaches Q3, and 10 points if both drivers reach Q3.

In Sprint races, finishing first nets you a glorious 8 points, with each subsequent position dropping by one point until 8th place grabs a final point. Fall outside the top 8, and you'll face a scoreless finish, with DNFs and disqualifications carrying hefty -20 and -25 point penalties respectively.

You could also get extra points for positions gained (1 point per position), overtakes made (1 point per overtake), and the fastest lap (5 points), and you could lose points for positions lost (-1 point per position).

For constructors, they score the combined total of their two drivers in the sprint, following the same points ladder as individual drivers.

In Sunday races, drivers again earn points based on their finishing positions, with 25 points for the winner and fewer points down to 1 for 10th place - just like in real races.

DNF results in -20 points, while a disqualification earns a hefty -25 points.

But it's not just about the result! Drivers can rack up extra points by climbing the grid (1 point per position gained), showcasing overtaking prowess (1 point per overtake), and setting the fastest lap (10 points). The coveted "Driver of the Day" award also nets an additional 10 points.

Constructors' scores are the sum of their two drivers' points, excluding the Driver of the Day bonus. Their pit crew prowess can shine too! The fastest pit stop earns 10 points, the second-fastest earns 5 points, and the third-fastest earns 3 points. A constructor hitting all three fastest pitstops scores a maximum of 18 points.

F1 Fantasy: The prizes

The top performers in the Global League have a chance to snag some incredible rewards. The champion gets two Paddock Club passes to a 2025 Grand Prix, the runner-up gets two F1 Experiences Champions Club tickets for a 2025 Grand Prix, and the third-place winner gets a £500 F1 Authentics Store Voucher.

F1 Fantasy 2024: Prices for drivers and teams

Now, let's get down to business: Who is the most expensive driver on the grid? And how much will it cost to secure the top teams?

Unsurprisingly, three-time world champion Max Verstappen takes the top spot in F1 Fantasy driver prices with a whopping $30 million, and his Red Bull team also holds the highest constructor price at $27.9 million, following their most dominant season in the sport so far.

Hot on his heels is Lando Norris, priced at $23 million, as he and McLaren aim to dethrone Red Bull this year.

Sergio Perez, Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc, and Oscar Piastri round out the top 6, all exceeding the $18 million mark.

Check out the full price list below to strategize your dream team for F1 Fantasy 2024!

F1 Fantasy - driver value in 2024

Max Verstappen: $30 million
Lando Norris: $23 million
Sergio Perez: $20.8 million
Lewis Hamilton: $19.3 million
Charles Leclerc: $19.1 million
Oscar Piastri: $19 million
George Russell: $18.8 million
Carlos Sainz: $18.5 million
Fernando Alonso: $15.8 million
Lance Stroll: $10.7 million
Daniel Ricciardo: $9 million
Yuki Tsunoda: $8 million
Pierre Gasly: $7.8 million
Esteban Ocon: $7.8 million
Alexander Albon: $7 million
Zhou Guanyu: $6.6 million
Valtteri Bottas: $6.4 million
Nico Hulkenberg: $6.4 million
Kevin Magnussen: $6.2 million
Logan Sargeant: $5.5 million

F1 Fantasy - team value in 2024

Red Bull: $27.9 million
McLaren: $23.2 million
Mercedes: $20.1 million
Ferrari: $19.3 million
Aston Martin: $13.6 million
Visa Cash App RB: $8.5 million
Alpine: $8.4 million
Stake F1 Team: $6.6 million
Williams: $6.3 million
Haas: $6.3 million

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