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F1 AWARDS - VOTE: Which race should be removed from the F1 calendar?

F1 AWARDS - VOTE: Which race should be removed from the F1 calendar?

F1 AWARDS - VOTE: Which race should be removed from the F1 calendar?

F1 AWARDS - VOTE: Which race should be removed from the F1 calendar?

As the Formula 1 calendar evolves, discussions arise about the tracks that may have overstayed their welcome, prompting debates on whether certain circuits should gracefully bow out to make room for new challenges and experiences in the pinnacle of motorsport.

Whether it's the streets of Monaco and Vegas or the traditional race tracks like Silverstone and Barcelona, everyone has their favourite. But on the contrary, if you could remove just one from the calendar, which would you pick?

We're currently in the process of our annual awards season as voted for by you, the GPFans, and so far we have given you the option to vote on your best non-champion driver, best race, most improved team, best moment, best young driver and unluckiest driver. And now it's time to look at some of the worst tracks in F1...

Assessing the candidates...

Baku is often lauded for its challenging layout and enjoyable races, but criticism stems from its overly extensive track, including the long narrow stretch through Baku's Old City. While it does offer overtaking opportunities, many naysayers are unsure about whether Baku truly aligns with the essence of Formula 1.

Qatar's Losail International Circuit, a recent addition to the F1 calendar, demonstrated some promise in 2021 and 2023, although the latter race was compromised by challenging driving conditions which saw drivers swelter and fall ill at the wheel. The circuit has however received praise for its long, open-angled corners. With a long-term slot on the calendar secured, its role as an F1 track will surely unfold in the coming years. Despite its potential, significant adjustments are needed to avoid a repeat of the issues faced in 2023.

Las Vegas' street track has a relatively basic layout, featuring long straights and iconic locations all along the Las Vegas Strip, though we heard numerous discussions and saw for ourseleves the potential challenges it faced this year. Just ask Carlos Sainz! While the inaugural race was indeed enjoyable (aside from the UK wake-up time), many, including a fairly hefty number of Vegas residents, would rather see the back of F1 in Nevada.

Despite the glitz and glamour of Miami, the racing on the circuit has faced substantial criticism. Drivers have expressed dissatisfaction with the track surface, with safety also called into question, particularly at the tight Turn 14/15 chicane, where a crest propels drivers uncomfortably close to a wall on exit. These concerns have cast doubt on the suitability of the Miami Grand Prix for the F1 calendar, prompting scrutiny of both the track's design and the safety protocols in place.

Despite hosting some good races in the past, Barcelona lacks any real considerable excitement, perhaps due to extensive testing and driver familiarity. While it is versatile, the track struggles to evoke enthusiasm from drivers, except for local support for the likes of Fernando Alonso and Sainz. Maybe this is the one that should go?

Now, forgive me for this one, purists. But Monaco's charm has faded, with the narrow streets limiting overtaking opportunities and turning the prestigious event into a procession. The emphasis on tradition and glamour seems to overshadow the essence of thrilling on-track action, so maybe we should just do away with Sunday? Dish the points out based on who qualifies 1-10 and save us all the boredom... or confine it to history completely?

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in Jeddahhas become a focal point of controversy, not just for its challenging circuit but also due to concerns surrounding human rights issues in the country. Critics argue that hosting a prestigious event like Formula 1 in a nation with a controversial human rights record sends the wrong message. Calls for reassessment and potential removal from the F1 calendar have amplified, emphasizing the need for a thorough examination of the ethical implications associated with the race in Saudi Arabia.

Which race should be removed from the F1 calendar?

437 votes

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