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Horner Red Bull saga set to reignite with FIA 'evidence' hearing

Horner Red Bull saga set to reignite with FIA 'evidence' hearing

Horner Red Bull saga set to reignite with FIA 'evidence' hearing

Horner Red Bull saga set to reignite with FIA 'evidence' hearing

The Christian Horner saga refuses to go away as the accuser prepares to present evidence.

Back in February 2024, the Red Bull boss found himself embroiled in a controversy after a female employee within the team accused him of 'inappropriate behaviour.'

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The team then launched an independent investigation that ultimately cleared Horner of any wrongdoing.

However, this has cast a long shadow, as whispers swirled about the team's leadership and its potential impact on performance.

Subsequent to that, news broke of the suspension of the woman who had filed the complaint, raising further questions about the handling of the initial investigation.

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Christian Horner was under investigation for 'inappropriate behaviour'
The Red Bull boss was cleared of wrongdoing after an external investigation

Former employee set to challenge investigation findings

The woman made an official complaint to the FIA last month and is due to present evidence 'in the days that follow' the Chinese Grand Prix, although Horner's affiliates insist that the case was dismissed due to 'dishonesty' on her part.

"I understand that the Red Bull saga will enter its next stage once the Chinese Grand Prix is over this Sunday," the Daily Mail reported.

"The woman who is alleging Christian Horner harassed her is due to give evidence in the days that follow the race. The Red Bull employee is challenging the initial finding that exonerated Horner of wrongdoing.

"The appeal is due to be heard by a KC, with Horner's affiliates maintaining that the woman's original case was dismissed on grounds of 'dishonesty' on her part."

The report also suggests that, despite the controversy surrounding Horner, Chalerm Yoovidhya, part of the Thai dynasty that owns 51% of Red Bull GmbH, backs the boss and wants him at the team.

"For now, Horner looks in command of the team, which has dominated the early part of the season. An element of the dispute is political – no matter the ins and out of the accusations in question.

"The Austrian wing of the company want Horner's wings clipped, but Thai majority shareholder Chalerm Yoovidhya stands resolutely by his team principal. It is difficult to see Horner going anywhere."

The Horner saga has also intertwined with rumours surrounding the departures of other key figures, such as Adrian Newey, the mastermind behind Red Bull's aerodynamic dominance.

Max Verstappen hasn't shut the door on a future move either, with a coveted seat opening up at Mercedes next year due to Lewis Hamilton's departure.

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