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Brundle reveals 'bizarre' choice for top F1 race in 2023

Brundle reveals 'bizarre' choice for top F1 race in 2023

F1 News

Brundle reveals 'bizarre' choice for top F1 race in 2023

Brundle reveals 'bizarre' choice for top F1 race in 2023

Martin Brundle admits the most rollercoaster weekend of the F1 season ended up providing his favourite race.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix weekend began disastrously after a loose drain cover on the street circuit led to a dangerous accident for Carlos Sainz, ending FP1 after just eight minutes.

FP2 was then majorly delayed and didn't get going until 2:30am on Friday morning with fans ejected from hospitality suites as farcical scenes ensued.

Fortunately it got better from there, with the eventual race served up proving to be very watchable despite the litany of issues.

Brundle admits massive Las Vegas turnaround

The Las Vegas Grand Prix proved to be a very watchable race in the end

Brundle was asked which race was his favourite of the year in a Sky Sports end of season Q&A.

"Bizarrely, I think it was Las Vegas," said the legendary pundit. "It didn't start well, but you know 82 in-race passes, six lead changes. And it was sort of Monza speeds, but it looked like almost on a track with the same grip as intermediates when it had been raining a little bit.

"So to see them grappling with the cars, then the super high speed stuff, the late breaking and all the craziness that went on.

"On Thursday night I was really worried for Formula 1, if I'm honest. When the crowd got kicked out and, I was standing trackside at 3:45 in the morning, commentating on Formula 1 with empty grandstands and it just seemed surreal and like we're in big trouble.

"But by Saturday evening when we finished, I actually thought it was a great race."

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