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Norris begs FIA to reverse 'TERRIBLE' F1 rule change

Norris begs FIA to reverse 'TERRIBLE' F1 rule change

Norris begs FIA to reverse 'TERRIBLE' F1 rule change

Norris begs FIA to reverse 'TERRIBLE' F1 rule change

Lando Norris has slammed new Formula 1 qualifying rules which stopped drivers from overtaking at the pit exit during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend, begging the rulemakers to revert to the original set of regulations.

After a minimum lap time was brought in by rule makers to stop drivers from going excessively slow on an out lap, some had been using the pit exit, and indeed the pitlane itself, in order to slow down and try and get a gap to the car ahead.

This caused some level of danger however, and after Max Verstappen had taken it upon himself during Friday practice to overtake two slow moving Mercedes cars in the pitlane, the FIA decided to act ahead of qualifying at the Yas Marina Circuit.

Drivers, under the new ruling, were banned from overtaking in the long pit exit unless the car in front had a 'serious issue'.

Lando Norris was unhappy with F1 rule makers after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Max Verstappen attempted to overtake in the pit exit tunnel at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, causing the FIA to take action
Lando Norris managed to claim a top five finish at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Norris fumes at FIA

Speaking after a qualifying session in which he managed to qualify fifth, Norris told of his distaste towards the new rule.

"I think it is a terrible rule," he said.

"The thing is they have to have the rule, because of the other silly rule that they made us do," he said, referencing the minimum lap time regulation.

"If there's a red flag and three minutes left, there's going to be like three cars who get to do a lap so...I don't know. We should just go back to the way it was before."

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