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Masi under "too much pressure" in Abu Dhabi - Ricciardo

Masi under "too much pressure" in Abu Dhabi - Ricciardo

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Masi under "too much pressure" in Abu Dhabi - Ricciardo

Masi under "too much pressure" in Abu Dhabi - Ricciardo
Ian Parkes & Ewan Gale

McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo believes the controversy surrounding last season's season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix proves there is "too much pressure" on Michael Masi and other FIA officials.

Race director Masi's position is under threat with the governing body conducting an inquiry into the processes taken during the late safety car period after Nicholas Latifi's crash, with Mercedes particularly unhappy with how the rules were applied.

The race stewards also came under fire repeatedly over the season for perceived inconsistencies and speaking at McLaren's MCL36 launch, Ricciardo said: "I think the one thing was that I feel there is too much pressure on them, to be honest.

"Obviously, the sport in general has a lot more exposure now, which is great in some elements but it probably puts others under pressure who probably aren't asking for that pressure or aren't used to it.

"It is hard to look back in time and think when was a race director or the stewards or whoever so much in the media. It is quite unique and kind of unknown territory.

"That was... I don't know if the word is unfair or what, but I think that was where there was already a bit of a ripple in whatever the situation. It highlighted some of the stuff too much and then put pressure on the next situation more.

"It already just felt a little bit intense and it felt like everybody should probably take a step back.

"Obviously, we are all assigned roles and whatever and it is like, well that person is here for a reason, that person is there, let them do it.

"At times, there was a lot of interference that made it more messy than it should have been. Less interference just in general and let people just get on with it with less pressure and see what the outcome is."

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