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F1 quiz - How much do you know about 2022?

F1 quiz - How much do you know about 2022?

F1 News

F1 quiz - How much do you know about 2022?

F1 quiz - How much do you know about 2022?

F1 cars undergo a radical overhaul this year that could shuffle the order and promise to deliver more exciting racing.

But how much do you know about what is to come for the new season?

Try our 20-question quiz to see if you're a podium finisher [16 or more correct answers], a midfield runner [10-15] or a backmarker fighting for scraps.

Answers are at the end of the article - and no peaking!!

1. What aerodynamic feature will be seen on the new cars for 2022?

1. Raised nose 2. Ground effect tunnels 3. Bargeboards

2. How many drivers who raced in F1 in 2021 are not on the grid in 2022?

1. One 2. Two 3. Three

3. Which one of these destinations returns to the calendar after missing 2021? ‘ 1. Australia 2. China 3. Austria

4. Which of these Formula 2 drivers will race in F1 next season?

1. Oscar Piastri 2. Jack Aitken 3. Guanyu Zhou

5. How did George Russell describe his move to Mercedes?

1. Pretty surreal 2. Inevitable 3. A golden opportunity

6. How many teams will retain the same driver line-up as they had in 2021?

1. Seven 2. Eight 3. Nine

7. On what type of layout will the new Miami Grand Prix take place?

1. A street circuit 2. A temporary track 3. A giant car park

8. Which four races held in 2021 have been dropped for 2022?

1. Portuguese, Styrian, Turkish and Qatar 2. Portuguese, French, Turkish and Qatar 3. Azerbaijan, Styrian, Turkish, Qatar

9. Why is the season scheduled to finish in November, several weeks earlier than normal?

1. To give teams a longer off-season break 2. To avoid clashing with the football World Cup 3. Because the location of the final races has been changed

10. What will be unique about Max Verstappen’s car next year?

1. It will have gold wheels 2. It will have a Dutch flag and a crown on the nose 3. It will carry the number 1

11. After Honda’s departure from F1 at the end of 2021, what power unit will Red Bull run?

1. Renault 2. Audi 3. Red Bull

12. Which driver will return to the grid after a season away in 2022?

1. Alex Albon 2. Daniil Kvyat 3. Romain Grosjean

13. Who did Kimi Raikkonen say was most pleased he is not on the grid in 2022?

1. Himself 2. His wife 3. His mum

14. Red Bull designer Adrian Newey said the regulation changes were the most significant in F1 since which season?

1. 2014, when F1 introduced the latest high-tech hybrid engines 2. 2009, when F1 introduced ‘skinny’ aerodynamics and KERS 3. 1983, when the old ground effect venturi cars were banned

15. What will be different about some parts of bodywork on the 2022 cars?

1. They will be painted with a special aerodynamic paint 2. They will be covered in rubber 3. They will be made out of an electrically conductive material

16. The recent cars lost 65% of its downforce when following another car – how much are the 2022-specification cars expected to lose?

1. 7% 2. 14% 3. 23%

17. How did Daniel Ricciardo describe the new 2022 car when it was revealed in the middle of last year?

1. Awesome 2. Pretty ordinary 3. S**t

18. How are F1’s tyres going to change for 2022?

1. They will be fitted on an 18-inch rim 2. There will be seven different compounds to choose from 3. They will be increased in width

19. How many sprint races are planned for 2022?

1. Four 2. Six 3. Eight

20. What amount of fuel will be sustainable in 2022?

1. 5% 2. 10% (sustainably sourced ethanol, up from 5.75%) 3. 25%



1. Ground effect tunnels [2] The new cars will have aerodynamic tunnels on the underside to encourage ground effect. Bargeboards will be eliminated to smooth airflow and teams will no longer be allowed raised noses.

2. Two [2] The only grid departures have been the two Alfa Romeo drivers, with Kimi Raikkonen retiring and Antonio Giovinazzi dropped.

3. Australia [1] F1 will return to Melbourne for the first time since the race's dramatic last-minute cancellation in 2020 due to the onset of Coronavirus. China was due to return too, but was dropped due to travel restrictions and should be back in 2023.

4. Guanyu Zhou [3] Alpine junior driver Zhou will become F1’s first-ever Chinese driver after being drafted in by Alfa Romeo. He finished third in the F2 season behind title winner Oscar Piastri and runner-up Robert Shwartzman.

5. Pretty surreal [1] Despite being lined up for a Mercedes race seat for much of his junior career and already racing for the team as a substitute for Lewis Hamilton in Abu Dhabi in 2020, Russell still found it hard for his signing to sink in.

6. Seven [1] After a driver merry-go-round last year, this season sees a pretty stable running order with only three teams - Williams, Mercedes and Alfa Romeo - changing their line-ups.

7. A temporary track [2] The track is defined as a temporary venue as it will be run on new and existing roads within the private Hard Rock Stadium grounds as opposed to on closed streets or a permanent racing venue.

8. Portuguese, Styrian, Turkish and Qatar [1] These four events all ran in 2021 as ‘replacement’ races to fill the calendar after others were cancelled. They are now dropped, although Qatar will return at a new venue in 2023. France and Azerbaijan are regular fixtures.

9. To avoid clashing with the football World Cup [2] The expansion of the calendar has extended the season well into December in recent seasons, but with the World Cup taking place in the Middle East from late November this year, F1 chose to finish early to avoid a clash.

10. It will carry the number 1 [3] Hamilton has chosen to retain his traditional number 44 in recent years every time he has won the world title and Nico Rosberg retired when he was champion in 2016. Verstappen, however, has decided to take up the number 1.

11. Red Bull [3] Red Bull took over the Honda engine programme at the end of 2021 and set up its own engine business, which aims to not only run the frozen specification engines for the next few years but to also develop and potentially sell new units in the future.

12. Alex Albon [1] Former Red Bull driver Albon was dropped in favour of Sergio Perez in 2021 and although the Mexican has retained his place alongside Max Verstappen this year, the Thai-British racer will return to the grid with Williams.

13. His mum [3] Raikkonen claims he will not miss F1 one bit but said his mum would be the most relieved he will no longer be on the grid, revealing: “she’s been asking probably for the last 15 years if I stop already.”

14. 1983 [3] Newey feels the new rules will make a major difference to the way the cars behave in 2022, similar to the dramatic changes seen when the old ground-effect venturi cars were banned

15. They will be covered in rubber [2] The new regulations have stipulated that some parts must be covered in a rubber membrane designed to stop certain parts shattering so easily, reducing the amount of on-track debris during incidents.

16. 14% [2] The 2022 regulations have been specifically designed to reduce the ‘dirty air’ created by the current crop of cars, which have made it so difficult to overtake. The new designs should enable cars to follow more closely.

17. S**t [3] The McLaren driver was overheard making the critical comment to a fellow driver but later claimed: “I was probably talking about something else because, to be honest, we were talking about quite a few things. I wouldn’t have been that aggressive to it, maybe it was the paint scheme...”

18. They will be fitted on an 18-inch rim [1] The new tyres will be more low profile, designed to be more in keeping with road tyres but also less affected by temperature variations. There will still be the same number of compounds to choose from and they stay the same width.

19. Six [2] The new sprint race format was deemed a success in 2021 so F1’s organisers decided to up the number for 2022 but it has still been kept to a relatively low six (just under a quarter of races).

20. 10% [2] F1 has upped its commitment to a greener future by increasing the amount of sustainably sourced ethanol it uses from 5.75% to 10%, with plans to increase that amount in the future.

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