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Schumacher baffled by Mazepin anger

Schumacher baffled by Mazepin anger

F1 News

Schumacher baffled by Mazepin anger

Schumacher baffled by Mazepin anger

Mick Schumacher has declared himself at a loss as to Haas team-mate Nikita Mazepin was so frustrated with him after a late Dutch Grand Prix qualifying session kerfuffle between the two.

Mazepin was furious after a Q1 incident that almost saw Sebastian Vettel's Aston Martin collide with both Haas drivers at the penultimate corner, with the Russian driver directing his fury towards the German rookie.

"I know he is quite vocal about a few things in the press but I think for us, we talk to the team internally about it," said Schumacher in response.

It transpired Schumacher had broken a team 'rule' dictating which driver was entitled to lead the other in qualifying sessions at alternate races, with Schumacher defending himself by revealing he was given the green light by his engineer.

"On my radio communication, it was made clear I was allowed to overtake him as long as it was before turn three and I did so. Nothing after turn three," he explained.

Asked if he could understand his team-mate's frustration, Schumacher replied: "Well, I guess no.

"I know the communication I have been given and told which has given me the okay so obviously, in that sense, I don't understand his frustration at that particular moment.

"On the other hand, if he hasn't been given that communication, possibly yes.

"For me personally, I didn't try to impede him, I didn't try to ruin his lap which is why I tried to go as quick as I could, to not run him into anyone initially because that is the last thing I want to do as a team-mate.

"Unfortunately, we have both gotten into a situation that is difficult."

Schumacher declares qualifying "a mess"

The short circuit layout at high-speed Zandvoort laid bare the issue with qualifying with 20 cars on track at any one time in modern F1, with gaps constantly being created in a variety of ways.

Talking through what unfolded, Schumacher said: "So basically, the session was interesting.

"It was quite messy trying to get a lap in and everything. For the last run, we went out and there were a few cars in front in the pit lane that were stationary and were taking a lot of time to get out of the pit lane.

"My tyres were cold, that's why I requested to the team if I could overtake, I got the okay to overtake because I needed more temperature for some reason compared to Nikita and I did so.

"What happened in the last corner, unfortunately, I was not advised that there was a pushing car behind me so I didn't know that Sebastian was coming behind me.

"In that moment, you are quite focused on what you have to do in the cockpit so I was checking my mirrors but I didn't know there was a car coming so I wasn't looking out for any quick cars, if that makes sense."

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