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F1 team confirm engine talks with rivals

F1 team confirm engine talks with rivals

F1 News

F1 team confirm engine talks with rivals

F1 team confirm engine talks with rivals

Alpine team principal Bruno Famin has said that he's ready to re-open talks with Andretti Formula Racing to be their power unit supplier, if they are confirmed as the 11th team on the Formula 1 grid.

Andretti, headed by former F1 driver Michael Andretti, are currently under the careful consideration of F1 management, having passed the FIA's criteria earlier this year.

It is now down to them to perceive whether or not the entry bid provides value to the sport and the business.

Alpine are currently only supplying themselves as an engine manufacturer once new regulations come into play at the beginning of 2026, but are looking for new clients.

Andretti-Cadillac's F1 entry bid has been given the green light by the FIA
Bruno Famin is the team principal at Alpine

Alpine-Andretti partnership

While it is understood the two teams had a pre-contract agreement in place, that has now expired, with Famin confirming he is still interested in a deal.

"We are talking to Andretti and to General Motors," he told select media including

"We are happy to talk to them, if they have an entry we are happy to resume the talks. For the time being it's a bit on standby but not due to us.

"It's because the time and the length of the process is much longer than expected. First on the FIA side, the FIA took much more time to answer than they said they would at the beginning.

"The ball is on the Formula 1 side. If they have an entry we are happy to discuss with somebody. What I said last time is that we had a pre-contract. The pre-contract has expired.

"Factually right now we don't have any commitment or any legal commitment with them, but we're happy to talk to them and to see what we can do together.

"If they have an entry, it's because they will have demonstrated that they will bring you a lot of added value to Formula 1 and that the value of the championship on all the teams will not be diluted due to that."

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