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Max Verstappen slates FIA mid-season interference

Max Verstappen slates FIA mid-season interference

Max Verstappen slates FIA mid-season interference

Max Verstappen slates FIA mid-season interference

Max Verstappen has slated the FIA's mid-season decision to attempt to tackle F1's bouncing problems as incorrect.

The Dutchman has enjoyed a successful season so far and leads the championship by 21 points over team-mate Sergio Perez with five wins in eight races in addition to the maximum eight points for winning the sprint at Imola.

Red Bull has seemingly been on top of the porpoising and mechanical bouncing that has plagued so many of its rivals under F1's new technical regulations this year.

But after numerous complaints over health concerns - which Red Bull team principal Christian Horner suggested was orchestrated "bitching" - the FIA has stepped in to try and alleviate troubles associated with the excessive vertical loads experienced by drivers.

"For me, regardless if it is going to help us or work against us, I think always these rule changes in the middle of the year, I do not think it is correct," said Verstappen.

"Of course, I understand the safety part of it but I think if you talk to every engineer in the paddock, if you raise the car, you will have fewer issues anyway."

Suggesting the issues encountered by drivers and teams are down to their own choices and it is up to each outfit to find a suitable compromise, reigning champion Verstappen added: "But of course naturally, ourselves and the team, you are going to find the limit of what you can cope with, your body itself, for performance.

"I don't think it is correct that now they have to intervene and start applying these kinds of rules that if you can't deal with the porpoising, you have to go up on ride height.

"It is very simple, if you go up on ride height, you won't have these issues.

"It makes it a little bit complicated, it will be hard to police in a way but we will see."

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