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F1 drivers react to "futuristic" 2022 car reveal

F1 drivers react to "futuristic" 2022 car reveal

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F1 drivers react to "futuristic" 2022 car reveal

F1 drivers react to "futuristic" 2022 car reveal
Sam Hall & Ewan Gale

Formula 1 officially launched its new era in an online presentation ahead of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

The covers have been lifted off the 2022 car modelled on new aerodynamic regulations, leading to the drivers giving their initial reactions to a full-scale model it is hoped will improve racing and increase overtaking from next year into the future.

Click here to see the GPFans Global image gallery of the 2022 car.

Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes

"2022 will be a serious challenge, getting used to a new car and a new era of car. If it enables us to follow and race like it is planning to then I think it will be amazing for the fans and the sport."

Max Verstappen - Red Bull

"Interesting, it is very different to what we are used to. The most important is that we can improve the racing, that we can race closer and if this is the way forward then, of course, I am for that."

Daniel Ricciardo - McLaren

"I like the rear of it. The rear looks pretty old school and reminds me more of like 2008 - that style, which is cool. The front is very different but I think like all things, the more you stare at it the more it will start to look."

George Russell - Williams

"It looks great to be honest and I'm excited. The idea behind the change is the right idea and I guess we just have to wait and see when it hits the track if it performs as well as we all hope.

"But it's definitely the first time the sport has ever had a working group towards making racing better and that, as a driver, is all we want.

"There has been a lot of interest in just making the cars faster and faster and faster and the racing side of things has been secondary.

"Now, I think everybody has really pushed to have a car that allows us to race, allows us to push and I really think this will provide that.

"I know obviously, we're six months away until we will hit the road in winter testing but overall it is really exciting and the sport and the future are looking great."

Carlos Sainz - Ferrari

"I really like the car from the front wheels back, how aggressive it is, the aggressive looks and the rear wing, I think it looks different, more aggressive than the current ones and looks simpler which hopefully improves the racing. I think it is just cool."

Lando Norris - McLaren

"As long as it is good to drive, is a proper race car, we can have a lot of fun in it, that is the main thing."

Charles Leclerc - Ferrari

"It is definitely going to change quite a bit, we have already had a go on the simulator and we can already tell it is going to be a different car to drive. It looks cool, it looks aggressive and nice. Hopefully, it improves racing, that is the most important, let's see how it goes."

Fernando Alonso - Alpine

"I think it looks good. It looks futuristic and hopefully, we see better racing of the cars, closer together and closer battles."

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