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Verstappen admits 'fire' in long-time relationship

Verstappen admits 'fire' in long-time relationship

F1 News

Verstappen admits 'fire' in long-time relationship

Verstappen admits 'fire' in long-time relationship

Max Verstappen has said that his 'fiery' relationship with race engineer Gianpiero Lambiase is actually 'very straightforward' and allows him to operate how he would like to during race weekends.

The three-time world champion recently admitted that he had a 'tough' relationship with Lambiase, in that the pair often bicker during races, but are great friends off the track.

On several occasions during Verstappen's record-breaking 2023 season, radio messages between the two seemed to cross the line a little, but Red Bull team principal Christian Horner joked that the pair were just like a married couple.

Now, Verstappen has backed that up, stating that he wouldn't want the relationship to be any other way.

“It’s how the relationship works,” he explained to

“I would be very, not upset, but I wouldn’t want to have an engineer who is very monotone or just says ‘copy… check that’.

Max Verstappen was left seriously unimpressed at times with his engineer over team radio in 2023
Max Verstappen and Gianpiero Lambiase share a good relationship off the track
Max Verstappen claimed his third consecutive world championship title in 2023

When asked if he needed to be challenged by Lambiase to perform at his best in 2023, Verstappen replied: “Yeah, you just need a bit of fire. That’s how I like to operate.”

“But that’s our relationship, we are very straightforward and if we don’t like something we of course communicate."

F1 don't need to broadcast radio

“It’s also a bit F1’s fault because they broadcast everything just to throw it out there.

“They don’t need to broadcast it – if you know what I mean. So, I guess they also like the excitement coming out.

“But, our relationship has never really changed in that manner. And also after the race we are absolutely fine because, of course, we are there to win the race.”

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