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Hamilton performs SHOCK U-turn with new F1 format verdict

Hamilton performs SHOCK U-turn with new F1 format verdict

F1 News

Hamilton performs SHOCK U-turn with new F1 format verdict

Hamilton performs SHOCK U-turn with new F1 format verdict

Lewis Hamilton has passionately endorsed the audacious idea of a radical reverse grid concept that may find its place in sprint events - despite saying those behind the idea 'don't know what they are talking about' in 2019.

F1 recently unveiled the six venues slated to host sprint races in 2024. The sport hinted at potential modifications to the format, including scheduling tweaks and the intriguing reverse grid concept. Discussions on these possibilities are ongoing, with a final decision anticipated in January.

The proposed reverse grid notion entails a transformative flip of positions based on the qualifying session. Drawing inspiration from the practices in F2 and F3, this concept envisions a switch of the top 10 qualifiers for the sprint race while maintaining the same order for the main race.

As Formula 1 contemplates these innovative changes, Hamilton's endorsement adds a spark of excitement to the ever-evolving F1 format.

Lewis Hamilton would like to see the reverse grid format introduced in 2024
Lewis Hamilton said in 2019 that those behind the reverse grid idea 'don't know what they are talking about'

Hamilton: I love a different format

Despite his refusal to entertain the concept four years ago, Hamilton appears to have had a change of heart stemming from his experience during the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2021.

“Saturday is not the greatest of days but I like the single practice session straight into qualifying,” he said. “I think we can learn. I love that we do have a different format rather than just the same three practice sessions and then the qualifying and the race.

“The best sprint race I ever had was when I started last [in 2021 in Brazil] and so I’m in favour of the reverse order, except if we had that then everyone will just try and qualify last!”

Lewis Hamilton took victory from 20th on the grid at Interlagos in 2021

In a dramatic turn of events at Interlagos in 2021, Hamilton faced disqualification from qualifying, forcing him to embark on the sprint race from the 20th position.

However, by the conclusion of Sunday's grand prix, the seven-time world champion had executed a remarkable comeback, seizing victory for an unforgettable triumph.

The dynamic perspective of the legendary champion towards sprint races stands in stark contrast to that of Max Verstappen, who openly expresses his disdain for the Saturday 100km dash.

Verstappen, now three-time world champion, has not concealed his aversion, going so far as to issue a threat in April to quit the sport if the number of sprint races were to be expanded.

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