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Williams forces Latifi to change driving style

Williams forces Latifi to change driving style



Williams forces Latifi to change driving style

Williams forces Latifi to change driving style

Nicholas Latifi has revealed to being forced to change his driving style with Williams to get the most out of his car after struggling for outright pace in qualifying this season.

Although the Canadian has shown strong form during races, Saturdays have been his Achilles heel, with George Russell outperforming him in every race this year, and more often than not qualifying for Q2.

Latifi believes he made positive gains at the Eifel Grand Prix last time out, and although he had to sacrifice his own style of driving to do so, he believes further improvement can be achieved in this weekend's Portuguese Grand Prix at Portimão.

"I think [at the Nurburgring], even though I didn't feel I got the most out of the car, I feel like there were some steps made," said Latifi.

"There are some small differences in what my natural driving style is and what works in some corners and also with certain cars.

"I think, especially in qualifying with how our car is, I am having to shift away from how I instinctively want to drive.

"But in combination with that, it's not only about changing my driving style, it is about putting the car in a slightly different window that allows me to drive in that different driving style which I think, in many situations, is quicker but is just not how I naturally like to drive."

Latifi has explained his alternative approach to driving the car is primarily due to him being more aggressive on the brakes than Russell.

The 25-year-old has insisted, however, the changes were not sweeping but more focused on emulating how his team-mate was attacking circuits.

"I think [at the Nurburgring], not that we changed philosophy but I kind of changed my approach a bit in how I was trying to get my lap time," added Latifi.

"I am trying to make an effort with that, be more in line with what George is doing because he is more often than not getting the most out of the car.

"Although there are corners I could be quicker, in general, the way I am driving the car right now is not giving me a lot of margin for error and it is more often that I am going to over-do the tyres, get a big snap and not complete a lap.

"I feel like I made a small step [at the Nurburgring]. Even though I was disappointed, I was kinda pleased that I was like 'now I know what I need to do'."

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