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"A weekend to forget" for Ocon in Hungary

"A weekend to forget" for Ocon in Hungary



"A weekend to forget" for Ocon in Hungary

"A weekend to forget" for Ocon in Hungary

Renault driver Esteban Ocon lamented "a weekend to forget" after finishing 14th in the Hungarian Grand Prix.

In mixed conditions, there will always be winners and losers, and unfortunately for Ocon in Hungary, he feels he can be categorized as the latter.

For Ocon, questions must now be answered as to why things failed to go as planned.

The Frenchman said: “It was not a good weekend to start with. I think, overall, we didn’t gain anything from the positions, and we didn’t read the session right with strategy or anything, so we have to review how we could have done better.

“Clearly it just made it difficult. It’s a weekend to forget clearly on our side. One that we are not going to forget for sure, and we are going to work on, to come back stronger."

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The track dried quickly during the opening stages, but Renault left both cars out for a lap longer than anyone, hoping to benefit from a less congested pit lane when stopping.

However, track conditions changed faster than expected, and the team had to stack its drivers in the pits, costing Ocon vital seconds as he waited for Daniel Ricciardo to be serviced.

Ocon added: “The first pit stop, stacking early on in the race, made me lose ground, made me lose precious seconds, and from then on, where the pace is so close between the cars, it’s just so difficult to come back.

“From there on, we were a little bit stuck.”

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