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Hamilton hints at extending F1 career as records beckon

Hamilton hints at extending F1 career as records beckon



Hamilton hints at extending F1 career as records beckon

Hamilton hints at extending F1 career as records beckon

Lewis Hamilton has seemingly committed to remaining in Formula 1 when the regulations are torn up in 2021, having previously hinted that it could signal the end of his career.

Several teams and experienced drivers on the grid have spoken of a hesitance at remaining in F1 until details of Liberty Media's plans were revealed, including Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo and Hamilton himself.

However, with title number six on the way this year, a repeat in 2020 could open up the possibility of eclipsing Michael Schumacher's legendary record of seven world championships and Hamilton says he is going nowhere yet.

He told media in Singapore: "I love doing what I do.

"One or two years ago, it was more of a question of how long I would be going, but I'm enjoying it more and more, as I navigate through this beautiful thing called life, and position my life differently, and have these other things that I also get to enjoy.

"So, I'm excited for what's around the corner for 2021. Motivation-wise, it's easy, it's never ever been a question. But I'm excited to see the way the sport shifts.

"It'll be interesting to see whether they do a good job or whether they do a bad job, and how I can be a part of helping shift that for the future generation."

Also pushing Hamilton towards an extended stay on the grid is the never-ending search for excellence.

"If it feels perfect every weekend, then maybe after you think 'eh, what's the point?' But the fact is, it's never perfect. It's a constant chase for perfection," Hamilton said.

"Even in fitness, through the year, you're going up and down, some weeks you train more, some weeks you train less.

"Look at some of the starts: in Budapest I had the best start, in Spa I had the second-best start, and there's other races you have the 18th-best start and you have to figure out why. There's always things to improve. That's just how Formula 1 is and that's what I love about it."


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