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Mazepin has more "purpose" in F1 than "driving around in circles"

Mazepin has more "purpose" in F1 than "driving around in circles"

Mazepin has more "purpose" in F1 than "driving around in circles"

Mazepin has more "purpose" in F1 than "driving around in circles"
Ian Parkes & Ewan Gale

Haas driver Nikita Mazepin is looking forward to proving his place in F1's new era this year and is adamant his purpose will not simply be to 'drive around in circles'.

Mazepin finished his maiden season in F1 21st and last in the drivers' standings after a testing season prior to which Haas had tactically decided against developing the VF-21.

The team, instead, focused on preparing for this year and an aerodynamic overhaul that could potentially shake up the order.

Due to the lack of development last year, Mazepin and team-mate Mick Schumacher were continually lapped during races in which the plethora of blue flags masked their performances.

Asked in an end-of-season interview by GPFans about proving his place in F1 with a more competitive package, Mazepin replied: “Mainly yes. For me, it's very important to have a purpose in life.

"I strongly believe that my purpose isn't driving in circles. My purpose is to compete.

“I happened to take up a sport when I was five years old, which is a team sport. It is a combination of three things that will enable you to compete within the pack, not at the back of it and not being lapped many times by other cars.

“It's financial investments built in the car; it's the people and their ideas and their hard work, and then it's you, as a final piece, to actually get that car over the finish line and accomplish what everybody else in this paddock wants. But, unfortunately, only one wins.

“I'm definitely looking forward to racing and feeling the result can be really different weekend in weekend out like it was when I was in F2."

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