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Haas mystified by Mazepin's 'hot feet' issue

Haas mystified by Mazepin's 'hot feet' issue

F1 News

Haas mystified by Mazepin's 'hot feet' issue

Haas mystified by Mazepin's 'hot feet' issue

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner stated the team must find a solution for Nikita Mazepin's cockpit overheating issues after the Russian complained of getting hot feet at the United States Grand Prix.

Mazepin endured a torrid race at the back of the field after being plagued by numerous issues.

During the race, the rookie could be heard complaining of soaring temperatures in his cockpit, overheating his feet, something which Steiner revealed has been a recurring issue all season.

"He complained about the feet getting hot a few times, we always try to make it better but it happens only to him," explained Steiner.

"This is the same chassis as last year and we never had an issue with it and also with Mick, I haven't asked him specifically but he has never complained about it. We need to look into why he gets hot.

"We need to do something, maybe the next step is to do something on the boot, we can do it both ways.

"There was nothing broken or anything but it is not the first time he has complained about that one."

Mazepin troubles added to with headrest issue

Mazepin's chances of duelling with team-mate Mick Schumacher were taken away almost instantly as his head restraint became dislodged on the opening lap of the grand prix.

Describing the situation, Steiner said: "Apparently, what the guys told me is when they put it on on the grid, the two pins at the back were not engaged completely so, therefore, we didn't have to take the headrest off when he reached the pits, we just pushed it down and in.

"I don't know the full details but it didn't engage and then it came off at, I think, turn three or four and then we had to pit because otherwise, you get black flagged for safety reasons.

"The headrest is part of your protection so we called him in immediately which, again, was difficult because if the headrest is up, you cannot see the mirrors. We got him in, pushed it in and off he went.

"We changed tyres, obviously, while we had the chance."

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