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Perez Dallas show has "ignited a fire" for US Grand Prix

Perez Dallas show has "ignited a fire" for US Grand Prix

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Perez Dallas show has "ignited a fire" for US Grand Prix

Perez Dallas show has "ignited a fire" for US Grand Prix

Sergio Perez has revealed the support from Mexican and Latino fans at the Dallas show run with Red Bull has "ignited a fire" ahead of the US Grand Prix.

The Mexican driver took to the streets of Dallas in the championship-winning Red Bull RB7 in the team's first demonstration run in a city since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Perez returned to the podium for the first time since France with a third-place finish at the Turkish GP time out. With only six points separating Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, how Perez performs against Valtteri Bottas will play a large role in deciding the constructors' battle.

The next two race weekends provide Perez with a wealth of 'home' support during the North American swing, with the Mexican Grand Prix following Austin two weeks later.

Speaking ahead of the US Grand Prix, Perez said: "Driving the show run has given me an amazing energy going into this race weekend.

"We live in such a small bubble during the season and it is easy to forget about what is going on outside because of your focus on your sport.

"When we hold events like the show run it makes us realise how much we, as Red Bull, mean to people and how much our sport means to them.

"So many Mexicans and Latinos came out to see me and I loved their support - that has ignited a fire in me for the weekend.

"My fans mean the world to me, they are so special and so unique so I can't wait to see more of them in Austin.

"The crowd brought so much energy in Dallas, they were so enthusiastic and I just can't wait to experience that again this weekend. I have really missed the big crowds so there should be an incredible atmosphere.

"I want to give everyone a great weekend of action in Austin and hopefully repeat the success we had in Turkey last time out. "


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