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F1's lack of sprint strategy declared a "risk"

F1's lack of sprint strategy declared a "risk"

F1's lack of sprint strategy declared a "risk"

F1's lack of sprint strategy declared a "risk"
Ian Parkes & Ewan Gale

Alpine executive director Marcin Budkowski believes the lack of a strategic element to the F1 sprint is a "risk".

The 18-lap qualifier was met with criticism at Monza after a largely processional run from start to finish, with Red Bull driver Sergio Perez particularly damning as he declared the event "very boring".

Budkowski, although insisting he felt the format was good, detailed the risk involved for F1.

"I think it is good, to be honest. I thought it was exciting for the first two laps and then it stabilised," said Budkowski.

"In reality, when it stabilises, because there is no strategy element to it - there is a bit of strategy in choosing tyres if you go with the softer compound and it degrades more towards the end of 17-18 laps, it can make a difference.

"But there is very little strategy in terms of when you are going to stop, whether it is two-stops etcetera, which actually adds a lot to a race.

"So when they are in position, and the gaps start to open, that is a risk."

Alpine 'on TV for two-thirds because not a lot happening'

Alpine driver Fernando Alonso provided the entertainment at Silverstone with a storming drive in the sprint on the soft tyres.

Whilst the Spaniard's exploits proved positive amongst fans, Budkowski warned there was no other action to fill broadcast time.

"We had a bit more action in Silverstone because we passed a few cars and then had to defend," he added.

"In reality, we were on TV for two-thirds of the race because there was not a lot happening in other areas. That is the risk.

"It wasn't a procession because there was some action at the beginning of it.

"Every time you take a start on Formula 1, it is a good opportunity that things will happen. Whether there is that much happening after that, I am not that sure.

"As a format over three days, you still have qualifying, you still have the race, you don't have practice which, to the public, is not very exciting, it is more racing."

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