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Aston Martin unveil four-stage plan for F1 title success

Aston Martin unveil four-stage plan for F1 title success

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Aston Martin unveil four-stage plan for F1 title success

Aston Martin unveil four-stage plan for F1 title success
Ian Parkes

Aston Martin owner Lawrence Stroll has detailed the crucial quartet of factors he feels are required if his team is to become F1 champions.

Stroll has already set what he considers to be a "realistic target" of between four to six years for the team to realise his ambitions.

But to achieve such success, Stroll has outlined the areas that are key to such a plan coming to fruition.

"In order to win you need four things," explained Stroll. "[Firstly] the tools, and we will have the greatest new building and the greatest new wind tunnel.

"You need the people, and on a weekly basis, we keep announcing. We'd already a strong staff, but I'll admit what this team was able to do on 400 people before I came and with significantly less budget than the top teams have, you know that famous expression - punched above their weight.

"It's now about increasing the people and the quality of the people, and like I say we keep announcing each week, which shows our ambitions.

"And it shows the belief in our goals, in our targets, in our journey, the level of people that are joining us.

"Next, with the best tools and the best people, you need the best processes in any business in order to win, and that's discipline, management, winning culture, something I've been able to instil pretty well in my previous organisations.

"And last you need the financial muscle and power to be able to fund points one, two and three, so we check all the boxes of how we're going forward, and with a very clear vision."

Stroll concedes F1 a 'billionaires boys' club'

In May, Lewis Hamilton described F1 as a "billionaire boys' club" and claimed "there's no way that I could be here" if he was starting his career journey now due to the costs associated with racing.

Asked if he agreed with Hamilton's comments, Stroll answered: "Well, you have to be a very wealthy individual or a very large corporation to be able to afford to be in Formula 1.

"This is a sport that's very capitally expensive, like for example, building a new building, building a new wind tunnel, at a cost of well over £150million.

"There are significant investments. So yes, Formula 1 is definitely an expensive sport to be in, no question about that."


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