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Schumacher favour "normal schedule" over sprint format

Schumacher favour "normal schedule" over sprint format

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Schumacher favour "normal schedule" over sprint format

Schumacher favour "normal schedule" over sprint format

Mick Schumacher has indicated he would prefer F1 to stick with a "normal schedule" after the sport completed its first trial of sprint qualifying in Britain.

The Silverstone event varied from the conventional format with qualifying moved to Friday, a new 100km sprint run on Saturday with the main grand prix held on Sunday.

The first running was welcomed with mixed reviews, although the consensus was that the weekend was a success with good action shown in the 17-lap sprint.

Asked for his views, Haas driver Schumacher replied: "I think it is interesting, it is different to whatever we have had before.

"I think that if it makes things more interesting, maybe. It makes it nice for the fans, they get to see racing on the Saturday and Sunday.

"But to be fair, I wouldn't foresee F1 going this at each event, I think it will be a special event so three or four races maybe a year, but I don't see them doing it every event.

"At times it is cool, maybe otherwise, I would prefer having the normal schedule but then again, some races can be made special in that way."

Schumacher hopes format is boosted by 2022 car

On the same weekend as the sprint trial, F1 unveiled its own version of the new breed of car being introduced next season, with cleaner aerodynamics promising closer, more exciting racing.

Schumacher is hoping the new cars will aid the sprint format with drivers being able to follow more closely than with the current machinery.

"The concept is interesting but I guess because these cars are very hard to follow," he added.

"I guess that hopefully should improve next year and make things more interesting when the cars are able to follow closer and the battling will be more in one pack than separated in different packs."

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