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Schumacher hailed for 'trying everything' to improve in F1

Schumacher hailed for 'trying everything' to improve in F1

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Schumacher hailed for 'trying everything' to improve in F1

Schumacher hailed for 'trying everything' to improve in F1

Haas chief race engineer Ayao Komatsu has revealed Mick Schumacher is trying everything in order to improve in his rookie season in F1.

The German has so far outperformed team-mate Nikita Mazepin on a regular basis, although his progress since the start of the season has been masked by the deficiencies of the VF-21.

Asked where Schumacher had improved the most since the start of the campaign, Komatsu hailed the willingness to explore every avenue available to eke the most out of himself and the car.

"It was clear to all of us from the beginning that he was very open to all the ideas," said Komatsu.

"If we tell him, let's try this, let's go in this direction, even if he doesn't agree with that, he is happy to try it - whether it is car set-up, management or driving style for one lap or race distance, he will always try it.

"That gives us very good data whether it works or doesn't work. Either way, he did it so we get good feedback. It is a continuous loop, he does it every single time.

"[British GP Friday] was a very good example where he was driving a certain way and we told him 'Can you try this'.

"The final lap of FP1, bam! He has done it - overdone it - but at least he tried and gave us very good input. He himself had a very good experience so that allows us to move forward to the next step for quali."

Schumacher "constructive" feedback helps the whole team

Komatsu cited the Azerbaijan GP weekend as a bright moment for Schumacher, who was able to deal with the difficulties of stop-start sessions across the event.

"All that openness and willingness to try everything and being able to be constructive in the situation," added Komatsu.

"[In] Baku we had a problem and the session was so discontinuous, it is a difficult circuit, you need laps and you need laps so I am sure he was frustrated.

"But he remained very calm, constructive and gave us amazing feedback. When you work like that, it is very very helpful to everyone.

"He has made a big step in all areas but tyre management he has made a big step in the last few races."


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