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How Vettel is helping to cure "crooked" Schumacher

How Vettel is helping to cure "crooked" Schumacher

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How Vettel is helping to cure "crooked" Schumacher

How Vettel is helping to cure "crooked" Schumacher

Mick Schumacher has revealed why F1 footage caught Sebastian Vettel taking a look inside the rookie driver's Haas VF-21 at the conclusion of last weekend's French Grand Prix.

Vettel was seen peering inside the cockpit of Schumacher's car in what was an apparent continuation of his 'mentoring' of the young German as he finds his way in F1.

Ahead of the Styrian Grand Prix, Schumacher revealed he has been experiencing a centring issue with his seat and that he had decided to seek advice on the matter from the four-time world champion.

"So basically, I have been sitting in a crooked position since the beginning of the season because... the seat is central but I am not straight," said Schumacher.

"We have actually been talking about it before and I took that opportunity to show it to him. Just spoke about the seat and he gave my mum the tip of breaking it so I could get a new one sooner but it didn't happen in the end so I have still got the same seat for now.

"Not being symmetrical is something I have to work on but it is hard to achieve in a small amount of time but plans are there to change the seat in the near future."

Explaining his side of the situation, Vettel joked: "It would have been difficult in a week to get a new seat so don't always follow the advice I give.

"The key is very simple. I have spent so many years racing and we spoke about the seat during the week last week and there are always small things you can improve or look at so I wanted to have a look and we had a look."

Haas to develop new seat in near future

Despite Schumacher revealing the issue had been worked on "since early on in the year", no change has been made ahead of round eight of the campaign.

Asked if there was a specific reason for there being a lack of effort to solve the problem, Schumacher replied: "It's not as bad as maybe you might think.

"It is a small offset, it is something I have been used to in most junior categories and to be fair it doesn't harm me in any way when driving. It is something for us that is, right now, a secondary concern.

"For us, it is mostly about trying to get everything ready for weekends and being prepared on that level, maybe setting our focus on something else rather than wasting it on something that is maybe not affecting me right now.

"As I said it is something that is in the plan and for sure, after the summer break we can come back with something that is a bit more centred."


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