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Brown favours COTA double-header if further F1 cancellations strike

Brown favours COTA double-header if further F1 cancellations strike

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Brown favours COTA double-header if further F1 cancellations strike

Brown favours COTA double-header if further F1 cancellations strike

McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown revealed he would be in favour of a double-header in the United States if further races drop off the calendar this year.

For a second year, F1 continues to battle against the Covid-19 pandemic and although the sport remains committed to completing a record-breaking 23 race calendar, it would come as a surprise to many if there weren't more alterations to the schedule.

Races in Australia, China, Canada, Turkey and Singapore have already been postponed, rearranged or cancelled.

But question marks remain over a number of other events including those in Japan, Mexico, Brazil and Australia - the race already having been pushed back from March to November.

The United States Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas is currently slated to take place on October 24 and is the first in a planned triple-header that also features Mexico and Brazil. As such, should one or both of these races fall off the calendar, an extended stay in Texas would make logistical sense.

Asked is a COTA double-header was a no-brainer, Brown answered: “Definitely.

"If it works out to where a double-header is needed and it works out to where the US could be one of those, I think given the rapid growth of the numbers. The numbers in America now for the growth of Formula 1 are awesome now.

“I think Texas is wide open and my understanding is that it is sold out so I think we could definitely probably sell out again so I would definitely be supportive if we had the ability to choose and the stars aligned to have two races in America.

“I think it will only continue to accelerate the momentum the US has.”

Drive to Survive has driven F1 American expansion

"Huge" was how Brown described the impact of Netflix docu-series 'Drive to Survive' on F1's popularity in the United States, a market the sport has been trying to gain a foothold in for many years.

He added: "I think it has got to be the single most important impact in North America just based on almost every comment you get out of someone out of the US, they reference Drive to Survive. It has done such a great job of not only just raising awareness, it has turned people into avid fans.

“You get trend fans and you hope to put them into the avid fan category. I’ve seen with Drive to Survive, people going from ‘I’ve never watched a Formula 1 race in my life' to ‘I’ll never miss a Formula 1 race again’ and I think that has been Drive to Survive. "


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