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Schumacher explains Vettel advice after founding "friendship"

Schumacher explains Vettel advice after founding "friendship"

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Schumacher explains Vettel advice after founding "friendship"

Schumacher explains Vettel advice after founding "friendship"

Haas driver Mick Schumacher has revealed some of the advice his 'friend' Sebastian Vettel has provided during his rookie F1 year to date.

Schumacher has so far outperformed team-mate Nikita Mazepin, with last weekend's Monaco Grand Prix the only time the Russian has managed to finish ahead.

Just as his father Michael had been a point of contact for a young Vettel, it seems the favour is now being returned as Schumacher forges his own career in the sport.

"There [is loads of] advice he has given me," said Schumacher. "Most of them are secret because they are from a competition sport.

"But I have a huge respect for him and I think we can call that a friendship, which is very nice for me. He has got so much experience and [there is] so much I can learn from him.

"The biggest advice is really to never forget why I am here, because we love the sport, and I guess once you lose that, you are in the wrong place.

"I am enjoying my life, I am doing the best thing in the world so I think it is great to have someone like him to give me advice."

Schumacher draws strength from team

The Monaco GP weekend was the most turbulent of Schumacher's fledgling career so far as two crashes in practice put him on the back foot before finishing behind Mazepin.

After the FP3 crash that ruled him out of qualifying, Schumacher was seen being greeted in his garage by the Haas mechanics and the German pointed to the support from his team as an aid to his development.

Asked how the team has influenced his progression, Schumacher replied: "Massively. Obviously, the team is a big big part of my development but it is also a big part of my confidence.

"I withdraw that confidence from the team that they are giving me, they have a huge trust in us drivers. I have a huge trust in my team and that is that bond that is building at a very steep level at the moment.

"That is going to make those fine differences at the end of the timing sheet because you have such a strong connection to the team."

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