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Hamilton leads applause for F1's "open-minded" sprint qualifying decision

Hamilton leads applause for F1's "open-minded" sprint qualifying decision

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Hamilton leads applause for F1's "open-minded" sprint qualifying decision

Hamilton leads applause for F1's "open-minded" sprint qualifying decision

Lewis Hamilton has led a chorus of approval following F1's decision to introduce sprint qualifying this year - although was initially unaware of the details.

After being informed of the format that will take place at three races - Silverstone, Monza and potentially Interlagos if that race goes ahead - Hamilton remarked: "I’ve always said that we need to have some sort of different format at certain races during the year.

"There are some tracks, particularly places like Monaco for example, which is beautiful to be at but it’s not necessarily an exciting race.

"So I like they are open-minded and making changes. I think from those experimental kinds of weekends, hopefully, the sport will learn what and how we can deploy better races going forwards."

The format will involve a qualifying session after FP1 on Friday that will determine the grid for the sprint qualifying on Saturday. The results of that event will determine the grid for Sunday’s race.

It has been decided the top-three finishers in Saturday’s sprint qualifying will receive points - three for first, two for second and one for third.

Other drivers echoed Hamilton's positivity.

Carlos Sainz [Ferrari]

"I’m positive about it. I think Formula 1 is doing a good effort, a good job in trying to experiment with different formats. I think this is a year, in between a big rule change next year, that it kind of allows you to experiment a bit with this kind of stuff.

"The fact we are going to have three races with the sprint race, or whatever you want to call it, is going to be interesting."

Sebastian Vettel [Aston Martin]

"It makes the weekend a bit more intense. You have less time to prepare, you have got to come up with your final set up very quickly after you have just hit the track.

"But it has got to be the same for everyone and obviously, we will find out how it feels, if we like it and the people like it and see what it might bring to the weekend."

George Russell [Williams]

"I think it is exciting to be honest. It is sprint qualifying not a sprint race so I think it will bring a bit more excitement. It will bring three days of proper action because not a lot of people are interested in practice on a Friday.

"Qualifying on a Friday, sprint quali on a Saturday before the main event on Sunday, I think is an interesting concept.

"We have got to give it a chance but I am excited about it and if it brings action and excitement then that is in the best interests of everybody."

Mick Schumacher [Haas]

“It is something I'm used to from Formula 2 so it is not too new, but definitely I think it is going to be very tough for the teams, especially if you know there are some reliability issues or even some accidents or something.

“It is going to be very important to get through to the end, to get through it cleanly but I think it is, for me, coming as a rookie into this, for me the grand prix is quite valuable, quite special and quite new.

"But I am always open for new things and I think it is going to be something very new to Formula 1. I think it is great that we are trying out something different.”

Charles Leclerc [Ferrari]

“I am quite happy that we are trying this. I think it is good that we have three grands prix where we will try this. I think the important thing is that it doesn’t devalue the Sunday event, which is the main race and should remain the main race.

“But to have a sprint race might be interesting and we will see also the cars being pushed to the max from the first lap to the last lap which will be nice for us drivers.”

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