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F1 believes no team now facing threat of extinction - including Williams

F1 believes no team now facing threat of extinction - including Williams

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F1 believes no team now facing threat of extinction - including Williams

F1 believes no team now facing threat of extinction - including Williams

Ross Brawn is confident Formula 1's recent rule change will ensure no team goes out of business - including Williams.

F1 recently confirmed the budget cap will now run at $145million from next year, shaving $30m off the originally planned figure, and with a sliding scale that will see it reduced to $135m for 2023-'25.

The introduction of new regulations that will radically alter the cars has also been delayed until 2022 to allow teams the time required to overcome the financial effects being felt this year by the Covid-19 pandemic.

When the virus struck and racing halted, there were fears at least two teams would be forced to quit F1. Now, though, the landscape has altered according to F1's managing director motorsports Brawn.

With the teams seemingly all rarely pulling in the same direction, Brawn told the Sky F1 Show: "Yeah, it's been very encouraging.

"You know how competitive Formula 1 is. Getting teams to agree on things is pretty challenging because they naturally defend their competitive position.

"But I think everyone realised that unless we made these changes it was going to be a struggle to go to the board of a multi-national company and not be able to offer these reductions in order to be able to stay in the sport.

"Touch wood at the moment, we've not lost anyone, and I don't think we're going to lose anyone, but I think if we hadn't done those changes, I think it would have been much more difficult for several of those organisations to carry on.

"This pandemic is going to bring a lot of changes, and Formula 1 has been sensible to adopt the changes that are coming. I think it will be great for the sport anyway but I think it gives people the sustainability to carry on and continue in the sport."

Brawn firmly believes F1 will be able to keep Williams going, despite the team recently announcing it was up for sale, or at the very least seeking substantial outside investment to overcome significant financial losses.

"It [Williams' plight] is very disappointing but I think if you look at the performance of Williams, probably by their own admission it's been very poor for the last few years," added Brawn.

'I think when you continue at that level you 're going to suffer, and it would almost be wrong if you didn't suffer if you perform that badly.

"Even with a team with the name and heritage of Williams, if you don't perform then you are going to have problems.

"I really hope, and I believe, there will be a way forward for Williams, particularly with all the things we've done. We've made that model far more sustainable, and I'm optimistic we can find ways of keeping Williams in the sport."

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