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Drivers speak out against racism after Hamilton criticised F1's silence

Drivers speak out against racism after Hamilton criticised F1's silence

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Drivers speak out against racism after Hamilton criticised F1's silence

Drivers speak out against racism after Hamilton criticised F1's silence

Several drivers have responded to criticism from Lewis Hamilton, the champion condemning the silence of Formula 1 after the death of US citizen George Floyd.

Hamilton took to Instagram in Sunday evening to vent his frustration at the lack of noise from the motorsport industry after Floyd, a man of colour, died when a police officer knelt on his neck following his arrest.

The incident has sparked protests against racism across the world, but Formula 1 remained silent. Now, several drivers have spoken out. Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc confessing he did not know how to deal with the topic.

"To be completly honest, I felt out of place and uncomfortable sharing my thoughts on social media about the whole situation and this is why I haven't express myself earlier than today," wrote Leclerc. "And I was completely wrong.

"I still struggle to find the words to describe the atrocity of some videos I've seen on Internet.

"Racism needs to be met with actions, not silence. Please be actively participating, engaging and encouraging others to spread awareness.

"It is our responsibilities to speak out against injustice. Don't be silent. I stand."

Ferrari-bound Carlos Sainz joined his future teammate, saying: "These issues that we are facing nowadays in 2020 makes us think that we have gone back in time regardless the suffer and tears of our ancestors. It is crazy to think that what is still happening right now, we all have the same blood...

"Regarding our environment, we're a global sport with workers and fans from all over the world, from various backgrounds, religions, skin colours and conditions. We work together in great harmony to entertain everyone around the globe and spread a message of sportsmanship and unity. I absolutely condemn all types of racism and all types of injustice.

"Diversity pushes us forward, we embrace it. Hopefully one day everyone will."

Daniel Ricciardo described the situation as a disgrace and called for a more unified society.

He wrote: "Seeing the news the last few days has left me saddened, what happened to George Floyd and what continues to happen in today’s society is a disgrace. Now more than ever we need to stand together, unified together. Racism is toxic and needs to be addressed not with violence or silence but with unity and action. We need to stand up, we need to be a WE. Let’s be better people. It’s 2020 ffs. Black lives matter."

Lando Norris also added his voice to the cause, adding: "I have fans and followers. Support and love. And I have power through this to lead and inspire so many. But we also stand for what’s right. This time I ask you to do something and take action."

Rather than make a statement of his own, Racing Point driver Sergio Perez tweeted a video of a Michigan police officer who had instructed his peers to remove their helmets and lay down their riot gear to 'turn this protest into a parade'.

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