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2021 F1 driver salaries: What Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen get paid

2021 F1 driver salaries: What Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen get paid

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2021 F1 driver salaries: What Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen get paid

2021 F1 driver salaries: What Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen get paid

Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton is once again the best paid driver on the grid, but given the changes to the sport over the last few seasons, his position of dominance over the rest of the grid isn't what it once was, taking a small pay cut to the basic salary package to race in 2021.

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Max Verstappen recently received a significant increase, being rewarded for his superb drives with Red Bull, while Leclerc earned his big move to Ferrari and has been successful in the process, justifying his significant increase.

Fernando Alonso's return to the sport with Alpine means he collects a significant fee to return racing in the prime motorsport discipline, and while Sebastian Vettel may no longer be at Ferrari, he still takes home an enviable amount from newly formed Aston Martin.

The disparity from the bottom to the top of the grid is clear, with the likes of George Russell, Nicholas Latifi and Yuki Tsunoda miles from the huge salaries collected by the drivers at the top of the order.

Here's the list, which is collected using projected 2021 figures gathered from various sources. All figures are estimates and are based on basic earnings for the season before bonuses are included.

1. Lewis Hamilton Salary 2021, Mercedes: £23m ($32m)

Hamilton remains the highest earner on the F1 grid after agreeing his new contract to remain at Mercedes for another season, and likely longer, though he has taken a cut based on what he had earned in previous years.

It's unclear what will happen with driver salaries next year under the budget cap, though despite their earnings are exempt, it may indicate an overall levelling out of money earned by the drivers at the top of the grid. However, it is likely that as long as Hamilton remains in F1, he will secure his place at the top of this particular list.

2. Max Verstappen Salary 2021, Red Bull: £18m ($25m)

Verstappen's position as the main - and likely only - challenger to Lewis Hamilton in the next few seasons has been rewarded in a bumper contract with Red Bull. His outstanding performances would suggest he is worth every penny and only likely to get better in the years ahead.

3. Fernando Alonso Salary 2021, Alpine - £13m ($18m)

Alonso made his return to F1 this season and with that came a significant price tag to bring in the abilities of the former world champion.

The Rest:

4. Charles Leclerc, Ferrari - £12m ($16.5m) 5. Sebastian Vettel, Aston Martin - £12m ($16.5m) 6. Daniel Ricciardo, McLaren - £11m ($15m) 7. Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes - £7.5m ($10.5m) 8. Kimi Raikkonen, Alfa Romeo - £6.5m ($9.5m) 9. Carlos Sainz, Ferrari - £6m ($8.5m) 10. Lance Stroll, Aston Martin - £6m ($8.5m) 11. Sergio Perez, Red Bull - £5.5m ($8m) 12. Lando Norris, McLaren - £3.5 ($5m) 13. Pierre Gasly, Alpha Tauri - £3.5m ($5m) 14. Esteban Ocon, Alpine - £3m ($4.2m) 15. Antonio Giovinazzi, Alfa Romeo - £600k ($850k) 16. George Russell, Williams - £500k ($700k) 17. Mick Schumacher, Haas - £500k ($700k) 18. Nicholas Latifi, Williams - £400k ($550k) 19. Nikita Mazepin, Haas - £400k ($550k) 20. Yuki Tsunoda, Alpha Tauri - £300k ($500k)


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