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Schumacher: Vettel losing Ferrari priority

Schumacher: Vettel losing Ferrari priority

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Schumacher: Vettel losing Ferrari priority

Schumacher: Vettel losing Ferrari priority

Sebastian Vettel's 'priority' as Ferrari's lead driver may be over after the British Grand Prix, says former F1 racer Ralf Schumacher.

While Charles Leclerc finished third at Silverstone after a thrilling, and astonishingly clean, battle with Max Verstappen, the Red Bull driver had his race ruined afterwards when Vettel rear-ended him while trying to retake third place in Sunday's race.

Vettel apologised to Verstappen after the race, but the incident is the latest in a growing string of mistakes that Vettel has made over the past year.

Schumacher worriedly pointed out Vettel's inability to match the thrills delivered by Verstappen and Leclerc, who may soon be elevated to the Scuderia's priority driver.

"Two young drivers are duelling but one of the older ones in Sebastian cannot manage it. That should not be happening to him," Schumacher said on commentary for Sky Deutschland.

Leclerc shows up Vettel again at Silverstone, leaving Ferrari with a decision to makeRead more

"Sebastian has to be careful not to lose his number-one status. He almost has and Charles is not making it easy for him."

Speaking before the Silverstone race, Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto said that Vettel's loftier standing in the championship to Leclerc meant that he would remain favoured in 50-50 situations.

However, after Vettel finished 16th in Britain, he is now just three points ahead of Leclerc in fourth place in the drivers' championship.


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