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Chandhok urges F1 to 'DITCH hybrids' in dramatic proposal

Chandhok urges F1 to 'DITCH hybrids' in dramatic proposal

F1 News

Chandhok urges F1 to 'DITCH hybrids' in dramatic proposal

Chandhok urges F1 to 'DITCH hybrids' in dramatic proposal

Former F1 driver Karun Chandhok has urged F1 to reconsider its reliance on hybrid power units and revert back to the "screaming V10s" of yesteryear.

F1 introduced V6 turbo-hybrid power units in 2014 and has stuck with the highly efficient yet heavy configuration ever since.

There have, however, been tweaks along the way with more planned in 2026, with the MGU-H (motor generator-heat) set to be removed and the electrical output increased to 350 kilowatts.

But a constant problem with the system has been the weight, something that makes the cars less agile. Highlighting this, the current minimum weight is 798 kilos, while in 1995, the threshold was 595kg.

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F1 should 'lead development'

Despite the 2026 regulations being largely decided already, Chandhok believes F1 has taken the wrong path.

"As I’ve said on several occasions - I think it’s time for F1 to ditch the hybrids with the heavy batteries," wrote Chandhok on social media.

"Light cars with V10s screaming on sustainable fuels would be brilliant…

"Le Mans is pushing hybrids, FE is doing Electric, F1 can lead development in sustainable fuels."

In a later message, he added: "Sadly, the manufacturers will never let it happen."

F1's sustainable fuel push

F1 cars currently run on a fuel mix that is comprised of 90 per cent fuel and 10 per cent renewable ethanol.

This is set to change in 2026 when, as well as the aforementioned changes, the sport will introduce 100 per cent sustainable fuels.

Demonstration runs by Sebastian Vettel last year in historic machinery were completed using sustainable fuels and these runs are what prompted calls for a shift back to older specification engines.

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