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F1 star angered by Verstappen 'friendship' allegations

F1 star angered by Verstappen 'friendship' allegations

F1 star angered by Verstappen 'friendship' allegations

F1 star angered by Verstappen 'friendship' allegations

Lando Norris has dispelled notions that his friendship with Max Verstappen affects his racing dynamics.

The McLaren driver has now clarified his approach, highlighting the fairness and impartiality he upholds while competing against both Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, particularly at Austin's United States Grand Prix.

Speaking to, Norris hit back at anyone questioning his attitude and cleared up what some deemed to be 'going easy' in Austin.

Lando Norris and Max Verstappen are known to be good friends off the track
Norris has dispelled suggestions about him racing Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton more favourably

Norris: I'm just realistic

“I think one of those areas where I’ve done a good job this year is by reading the situations that I’m in, knowing who I’m racing against and who I’m not,” Norris said.

“I know it’s a race at the end of the day, but the likelihood of losing a position to Max in Austin, and how I raced Lewis versus how I raced Max, in the end I kind of knew I was going to lose positions to both of them.

“That’s not a bad attitude, that’s just being realistic and honest about the situations I’m in. The chance of keeping Max behind was basically zero. He was way too quick, his tyre degradation - I don’t know if anyone saw this year - was way better than everyone.

“There’s no point ruining the longevity of your race trying to race one person that has a 99% chance of beating you because he’s in a quicker car. When Lewis overtook me [in Austin] it was with six laps to go or something. He was on way fresher tyres, so still maybe not the best reason to race against him, but there was a lot more of a chance of keeping him behind potentially than there ever was with Max.

“If I’d raced Max, I would have used a lot more tyres because he was a lot quicker. I only would have hurt my ability to extend a stint or only compromised my own race more than benefitted it. I think that was just one of the cases where I’ve done more often good than not on choosing my battles.”

Norris and Verstappen have found themselves in numerous on-track battles as seen in Brazil

Norris emphasised that his camaraderie with Verstappen only serves as added motivation to strive for victory against his competitor.

“Would I have loved to be more forceful and put on a better defence? Absolutely,” he said. "Like, why would I not? I love racing and that is what I want to do. I don’t want to ever give a position up to anyone! Especially not Max!”

“People on the outside are too quick to judge again why I wouldn’t [race Verstappen hard]. [They say], ‘ah it’s because he’s friends with Max’ and all of that stuff. Which couldn’t have anything less to do with it.

“If anything, it makes me want to beat someone more if I’m friends with them than if I’m not."

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