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F1 team unveil star-studded investor line-up including Taylor Swift romance

F1 team unveil star-studded investor line-up including Taylor Swift romance

F1 News

F1 team unveil star-studded investor line-up including Taylor Swift romance

F1 team unveil star-studded investor line-up including Taylor Swift romance

Formula 1 has always been a sport that attracts the rich and famous, with many a celebrity in attendance at various grands prix across the season.

But not every team can claim as exciting an investor line-up as Alpine, who have just been backed by some of the biggest names in the sporting world.

On Tuesday, Otro Capital announced a €200 million 'strategic investment in Alpine Racing Ltd', including a host of stars at the very pinnacle of football, NFL, boxing and golf.

Among the names of A-list stars now investing in Alpine, include Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce, who is heavily rumoured to be romantically involved with music superstar Taylor Swift.

Esteban Ocon (L) and Pierre Gasly (R) have some very famous new investors
The A-list line-up will be hoping they can help deliver success for the F1 team on track
Celebrities are no strangers to F1, with David Beckham (pictured) among those to visit numerous grands prix

Although neither have officially confirmed the relationship, the pair have been spotted together on numerous occasions, with Swift often in attendance at Kelce's NFL matches alongside his family.

“I am thrilled to lead an investor group and join forces with Patrick [Mahomes] and the team at Otro Capital on this exciting venture with Alpine F1," the NFL star said.

"Our shared passion for excellence and innovation forms the cornerstone of this partnership. It’s about being able to contribute to a sport that demands precision, teamwork, and relentless pursuit of success.

"I am looking forward to this new chapter and can’t wait to see what we achieve together.”

But that isn't where the celebrity investment ends, as Alpine have managed to attract a whole host of sporting talent.

Patrick Mahomes, NFL quarterback

“I’ve always had a passion for all sports. The opportunity to lead an investor group with Travis in Alpine F1 alongside Otro Capital was one I couldn’t pass up.

"It’s an exciting time for the sport and this is an opportunity to bring our shared values to the world stage. I’m looking forward to being a part of its growth.”

Rory McIlroy, four-time major golf champion

“Passion for excellence on the golf course has led me to admire the same pursuit in Formula 1.

"Partnering with Otro Capital in Alpine F1 is an exhilarating venture that unites my love for sports, competition, and the relentless drive to be the best.”

Anthony Joshua, heavyweight boxing champion

“The chance to strategically invest with Otro Capital in Alpine was an opportunity I couldn’t ignore.

"The heritage of the team, mixed with the global growth of Formula 1 as a sport and brand made this a very serious proposition.

"I am excited to start this journey with Otro and a great group of fellow investors and hope to help the team achieve its full potential.”

Trent Alexander-Arnold, Liverpool FC star

“I’m excited to be joining Otro Capital’s group as an investor into Alpine F1 along with my brother Tyler.

"Having been to Formula 1 races as a fan, I love the high-pressure environment of the paddock and I’ve seen firsthand how incredibly impressive the Alpine team is.

"Our shared goal as an investment group is to help contribute to its continued success on the grid, at a time when F1 is facing incredible growth as a sport.

"As a footballer, I understand the importance of teamwork, innovation and determination in achieving goals.”

Juan Mata, former Man United and Chelsea footballer

“Joining Forces with Otro Capital in this investment in Alpine F1 is a unique opportunity for me.

"I am a big believer in the growth of the sport and confident that Alpine is the right team to partner with.

"Their history as a team combined with the commercial and industry expertise of Otro Capital make the perfect combination for success.”

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