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F1 team issue UPDATE over brand new £200 million factory

F1 team issue UPDATE over brand new £200 million factory

F1 News

F1 team issue UPDATE over brand new £200 million factory

F1 team issue UPDATE over brand new £200 million factory

Aston Martin have continued their progress towards developing a new Silverstone headquarters for their Formula 1 team, as drone footage shows the next phase of its construction.

Back in 2021, billionaire Lawrence Stroll set out a five-year plan upon purchasing Racing Point and rebranding the F1 team into Aston Martin. A priority was made to build a brand new base, along with the target of 'moving up the grid year by year,' with an 'ultimate ambition' to win multiple world championships.

In recent seasons, Aston Martin have been using of Mercedes’ wind tunnel. Stroll told F1: “We share Mercedes’ wind tunnel, so we’re in one of the best wind tunnels. It’s not as good as having your own, but it’s not like we’re sacrificing by being in a poor wind tunnel.”

With the recent completion of Aston Martin’s headquarters building, formally known as the AMR Technology Campus, the project continues onto the second and third buildings within the factory grounds. This includes a manufacturing base, as well as a fresh wind tunnel for the team with the aim of this being completed by 2025.

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Stroll: Aston Martin not compromising on anything

According to Forbes, Lawrence Stroll is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $3.9billion

The Canadian businessman and executive chairman of Aston Martin stated that his track record, 'is to win', and that the development of this new factory will enable his F1 team to do just that. Stroll explained this necessity for the team to create a new modern base from scratch.

"Facilities-wise, we’ve definitely outgrown our facilities. We’re putting up a lot of temporary facilities around our site in order to accommodate all these new hires. I think we’ll be in the new place in 18 months, call it 20 months, the end of next year.

"We’re not really compromising on anything. Formula 1, like any other business, I don’t think you could realistically plan on winning before four or five years. I think that’s realistically what it takes."

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