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Albon refusing to rule out Red Bull exit to land 2022 F1 seat

Albon refusing to rule out Red Bull exit to land 2022 F1 seat



Albon refusing to rule out Red Bull exit to land 2022 F1 seat

Albon refusing to rule out Red Bull exit to land 2022 F1 seat

Alex Albon has not dismissed the prospect of leaving Red Bull this season if it means landing a Formula 1 seat with another team for 2022.

Albon will serve as test and reserve driver for Red Bull this year after being demoted at the end of last term to make way for Sergio Perez as team-mate to Max Verstappen.

While working extensively in the simulator to develop this year's car and the '22 challenger when major new regulations come into force, the 24-year-old Thai-British driver will also take part in a handful of DTM races with the AF Corse squad when not at an F1 track.

Albon is adamant his focus is on returning to F1 next year, either as a Red Bull or AlphaTauri driver, but is aware if such a path is blocked then he will have to look further afield.

"Firstly, the goal has to be with Red Bull," said Albon, speaking in a media interview that included GPFans Global. "There's not just two, but four seats there. I will wait and assess how it's going.

"Obviously, if everyone's performing then you will know what the situation is.

"My duty is to focus on what's going on right now, getting the best for the team, doing what I can, improve myself at the factory and with the guys. Once we can do that then we will see what happens."

Asked directly if he would have to look beyond Red Bull if he wanted to stay in F1, he replied: "We'll have to see.

"Like I said, by the summer break, you kind of understand how things are playing out. Right now, until that point, the full effort is with Red Bull. We'll see how it goes."

After Red Bull had announced its decision to drop Albon, he later understandably revealed via social media that he was "hurt" by the call.

Albon, however, is adamant he is far from wallowing in any self-pity, adding: "Of course, it was disappointing, it was always going to be disappointing. This is our dream.

"Very quickly it was one of those things where there was no point in feeling sorry for yourself. You've got to get back into it, and do as much as you can to get back.

"So my goal, of course, is to be back in a seat next year and just be ready for this year as well because you never know what's going to happen with fitness or with Covid around.

"This winter has been about making sure I'm as ready as I can be, to be as fit as I can, doing all the simulator stuff, and we've a few days where I can do some tyre tests and things like that.

"Something I've carried with me from a very early age is [an attitude of] 'What can I do right now that gives me a better chance, or is beneficial to me?'

"The way I see it, if you do wallow around, then you're not doing anything to open any doors or to get a seat back.

"So very quickly you just have to put yourself in a position where [it is a case of] 'What can you do as a driver to give you the best opportunity, to get straight back into it and not be too negative?'"


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