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'Pressure' on Leclerc as Sainz 'will be all over him'

'Pressure' on Leclerc as Sainz 'will be all over him'



'Pressure' on Leclerc as Sainz 'will be all over him'

'Pressure' on Leclerc as Sainz 'will be all over him'

Carlos Sainz will be no number two driver at Ferrari says the Spaniard's former boss Trevor Carlin.

Ferrari have historically employed a strict policy of running with a clear number one and number two driver.

This made things difficult for Ferrari when Charles Leclerc outperformed Sebastian Vettel in the early part of 2019, and Carlin is predicting a similar scenario once Sainz steps into the team in 2021.

“Ferrari, if they thought they were hiring a number two, might have underestimated Carlos,” Carlin told Reuters. “I hope they haven’t done that.

“I know there’s this story going around that Red Bull have got a number one, Mercedes have got a number one, Ferrari have got a number one. But I don’t see that with Carlos."

Sainz raced with Carlin in multiple Formula 3 championships in 2012, joining a roster of drivers that includes Daniel Ricciardo, Sebastian Vettel and Lando Norris in competing for Carlin's eponymous team.

“I think given the same kit and treatment and cars, he can run him close,” continued Carlin.

“I think Carlos is bloody good. Maybe Charles might edge him in qualifying but when it comes to the race, I think Carlos will be all over him. I think he’s going to be fighting to earn his stripes there, he really is.”

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