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Schumacher concedes "downsides" of legendary name

Schumacher concedes "downsides" of legendary name

Schumacher concedes "downsides" of legendary name

Schumacher concedes "downsides" of legendary name
Ian Parkes

Mick Schumacher has conceded that carrying his legendary seven-time champion father's surname "has its downsides" after losing his F1 seat for 2023.

Although Schumacher is not the first son of an F1 world champion to make his own way into the sport, the pressure faced by the German was arguably far greater than that experienced by the likes of Damon Hill and Nico Rosberg.

Underlying factors can be found in the modern age of social media and the immediacy at which comparisons can be drawn between himself and his 91-time race-winning father, Michael.

Such was the pressure of the name, Mick spurned using it during his early career, competing with his mother's maiden name - Betsch - before adopting his true identity when graduating to F4 in 2015.

“The name Schumacher has its perks and has its downsides," Schumacher told GPFans in an end-of-season interview.

“But one good thing is that obviously I've been in the paddock ever since I was a young kid and I've been able to meet so many great people, be it at Ferrari, at Mercedes, that I will go and see and consult with.

“Just to get the full picture for myself on what I feel is needed to, again, put me in a position where I'm the most comfortable, but also I'm sure of getting the most out of next year if it's driving or if it's not driving."

For 2023, Schumacher will serve as reserve driver at Mercedes, working under another seven-time champion in Lewis Hamilton and team-mate George Russell.

Additional reporting by Sam Hall

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