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Magnussen reveals "dangerous" Interlagos escape

Magnussen reveals "dangerous" Interlagos escape

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Magnussen reveals "dangerous" Interlagos escape

Magnussen reveals "dangerous" Interlagos escape
Ian Parkes & Ewan Gale

Kevin Magnussen has joked his trip back to the pits at the São Paulo Grand Prix would have been "sketchy" if he had been Lewis Hamilton at Zandvoort.

The Dane retired on lap one at Interlagos after being tapped into an initial spin by McLaren's Daniel Ricciardo before secondary contact took both cars out of the race.

Whilst Ricciardo was offered a lift back to the pits in the FIA medical car, Haas driver Magnussen was left marooned in the infield.

At the end of the race, Magnussen was forced to fend for himself to get back to the pits. He explained: "It was crazy.

"I don't know what went on but it was the most dangerous thing I did all weekend despite all the driving.

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"For whatever reason, I didn't get a ride back to the pits. Daniel took me out of the race and jumped in the safety car.

"He took my ride back to the pits and then I was left at the side of the track for the whole race.

"I can survive that That is okay."

On the difficulty of communicating to find assistance, Magnussen added: "I tried to speak to the marshals but they didn't speak a word of English. None at all.

"After the race, I was waiting for someone to come and pick me up or something but then the marshals started leaving and I was like 'What do I do?'.

"So I walked in the same direction and ended up by a fence that I couldn't really see a way around.

"I could have walked the whole track and gone to the start-finish but there were all the fans.

"Some of the marshals realised I was in trouble and cut a hole in the fence and lifted me through."

Magnussen - Marshals took good care of me

Magnussen left the weekend as F1's newest hero after securing an unlikely pole position during Friday's qualifying session.

But conceding the ending to the event was "surreal", he praised the treatment he received from the marshals.

"They apologised and stuff but it was a pretty weird situation," he said.

"The marshals took good care of me but it could have been bad, I guess.

"I could have been Lewis Hamilton in Zandvoort or something. That could have been really sketchy."

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