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Hamilton kids' concern over social media "bullying"

Hamilton kids' concern over social media "bullying"

Hamilton kids' concern over social media "bullying"

Hamilton kids' concern over social media "bullying"

Lewis Hamilton has expressed concern for the future of many children over the growing menace of social media bullying.

F1 drivers have been outspoken on matters of online abuse in recent weeks after FIA steward Silvia Bellot was subjected to abuse and death threats following Fernando Alonso's reinstatement to seventh place at the United States Grand Prix.

This followed other instances of similar threats to former race director Michael Masi and Williams driver Nicholas Latifi in the wake of last year's controversial Abu Dhabi season finale.

On Wednesday, the FIA announced a new partnership that will see the governing body make use of artificial intelligence to "detect and reduce levels of toxic content".

Ahead of this, FIA president Mohammed ben Sulayem described the abuse as "deplorable", similar language to that used previously by the seven-time champion.

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Asked how F1 can end social media "abuse and toxicity", Hamilton replied: “The question is, what can we do about it?

"I don’t control social media, none of us do.

"I don’t know what the platforms are doing but naturally, I’m sure that there is more that can be done just to protect people but I really don’t know what the solution is.

“I worry about kids today who are experiencing some of the things that...we’re talking about adults experiencing bullying but kids particularly, it can be so detrimental to their futures.

“I don’t know what the best way of tackling that is but all I can do is control how I use mine and hopefully encourage others that are using theirs to use it better.”

Pressed on what the support and language of Ben Sulayem meant to him, Hamilton added: “It doesn’t really mean anything to me, the support, because it is just words.

"There needs to be some sort of action in the background."

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