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FIA reveals AI plan to tackle online abuse

FIA reveals AI plan to tackle online abuse

F1 News

FIA reveals AI plan to tackle online abuse

FIA reveals AI plan to tackle online abuse

The FIA has revealed a plan to use new technology to tackle online abuse.

FIA president Mohammed ben Sulayem recently described levels of hate online directed at steward Silvia Bellot as "utterly deplorable".

Bellot received death threats, something that former race director Michael Masi and Williams driver Nicholas Latifi were also subjected to following last year's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

In a bid to tackle this blight, the FIA has partnered with, and will use the AI-enabled content moderation platform to "detect and reduce levels of toxic content".

“As the governing body, we draw criticism at times for the decisions we take in enforcing technical and sporting regulations," said be Sulayem.

"We respect that people are entitled to their opinion and we encourage free speech, but an increasing number of social media posts carry an unacceptable level of vitriol.

“Some of that has been aimed at FIA staff and volunteers. I will always stand up for my employees, officials and volunteers. These people enable us to go racing in a safe and controlled environment. Without them, there would be no racing.

“We have also heard the views of Formula 1 drivers during recent drivers’ briefings at grand prix weekends. They have voiced their concerns over the issue and are committed to action. We are calling on the entire motorsport community to unite as one in this mission.

“Our campaign will build on the recent Drive It Out initiative. We must all unite to take action against abuse, harassment and hate speech. We must combat this blight on our sport. The expertise of will be a key tool in this effort. The social media platform owners also have a role to play.”

The FIA confirmed that a successful trial of the technology has already been completed and has hailed the partnership as "a key component of a wider campaign to be launched by the FIA in the coming weeks."

In a bid to present a united front, the FIA has entered dialogue with social media platforms and other sports governing bodies.

Further details on the FIA campaign will be announced at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

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