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Sainz demands Ferrari praise after unfair criticism

Sainz demands Ferrari praise after unfair criticism

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Sainz demands Ferrari praise after unfair criticism

Sainz demands Ferrari praise after unfair criticism

Carlos Sainz has demanded Ferrari is given credit for its French Grand Prix qualifying strategy after receiving "unfair" criticism throughout the season.

Charles Leclerc took pole position at Paul Ricard after the Scuderia used Sainz to provide a tow on both runs in Q3.

Despite looking the faster Ferrari driver across the weekend, a back-of-the-grid penalty for changing multiple power unit elements meant that Sainz had nothing to lose by assisting his team-mate.

The strategic efforts of the team both in qualifying and during the race at the Austrian Grand Prix are in stark contrast to the failings of Monaco and Silverstone, where Leclerc was cost valuable points in both instances.

Asked if the team had discussed its strategy calls, Sainz explained: “I think we have received quite a lot of criticism on the strategy front and I think it is a bit unfair.

"Every team, during the season, there are going to be mistakes with the tyres, choosing tyres and everything.

“But I think the team this year has been very solid on the strategy side and today just proves it.

“Also, the relationship with Charles and the way the team works, again, I think proves that it is working very well and we are working very well together and it is nice to see.

“I think you need to give it to us and to Ferrari that today we executed a very nice day.”

Sainz - Leclerc tow 'always the plan'

Ferrari took only a new control electronics unit on Friday leading to the early announcement of a 10-place penalty for Sainz, holding back the remaining changes until Saturday.

But aware of the back-of-the-grid pain that was set to come his way, Sainz revealed: "The target was to get to Q3 to then twice give Charles the tow as we did. It was the plan for the whole weekend.

“I know how to give a good tow because I know what I would need in my quali lap if I wanted to gain two or three-tenths from a tow, so I knew what to do from the beginning and I think I executed it nicely.

“It’s a shame that it has to come on the weekend when I am probably feeling the best with the car and I have been very quick through practice.

“In quali, I think my Q2 lap was up there but I’m happy for the team, happy to see Charles profiting from it and getting pole.

“Now it’s time for me to make it back and come back through.” Additional reporting by Ian Parkes

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