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Vettel questions F1 with world 'deep in the poo'

Vettel questions F1 with world 'deep in the poo'

Vettel questions F1 with world 'deep in the poo'

Vettel questions F1 with world 'deep in the poo'

Sebastian Vettel has again questioned the future direction of F1 given the state of the world which he sees as being 'deep in the poo'.

In the apparent twilight of his F1 career, the four-time champion has become vocal on a range of global topics, notably LGBTQ+ rights and climate change.

The Aston Martin driver even made a guest appearance on the British political debate show 'Question Time' last week, and provided forthright views throughout.

When asked whether being a "gas-guzzling" F1 driver made him a "hypocrite", Vettel replied he had asked himself the question and stated clearly he was "not a saint".

In the drivers' press conference ahead of this weekend's Spanish Grand Prix, the 34-year-old was asked by GPFans whether he should have done more to counter the "gas-guzzling" remark and defend the work done by F1 with its hybrid engines which are the most efficient in the world.

Vettel replied: "The question is, what do these most efficient engines in the world help contribute to everyday people commuting to work, to wherever? What does this engine do to help or what benefit does it bring you? It's very complex.

"It's a fascinating technology, don't get me wrong. As a fan, and from an engineering point of view it's fascinating, but how much do you transfer to the road car? Not much.

"So you have to be true and tell the truth. That's important.

"Looking forward, F1 is stuck with this engine for a while, and the question you have to raise is 'Are we doing enough?'.

"Considering how deep we are in the poo - sorry to say it like this - with the way the world is going, with the climate crisis, the answer is we're not doing enough.

"Especially in a - how was it put? - gas-guzzling sport, which is true. We are in the spotlight and we have to do more than do what we do.

"We can't do enough, that's the answer."

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