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FIA deny greed over F1 sprint plan

FIA deny greed over F1 sprint plan

F1 News

FIA deny greed over F1 sprint plan

FIA deny greed over F1 sprint plan
GPFans Staff

FIA president Mohammed ben Sulayem has denied F1's governing body asked for more money in order to increase the number of sprint events from three to six for 2023.

F1 was unsuccessful in its bid to double its sprint total for the current season and although there was a unanimous agreement from the teams to do so for next year, the FIA prevented the move at a recent F1 Commission meeting.

After the meeting, there were suggestions that the FIA had asked for more money in order to run the additional races.

Addressing the claims of 'greed' ben Sulayem told the Daily Mail: "I did not ask for more money but if I had I would have wanted to use it in the right way – to invest in the proper regulation of the sport.

"We say Formula One is the pinnacle, and it is, so we at the FIA need the resources to govern the technical and financial side of a billion-dollar sport in a manner that respects that. We need the capability to observe those standards.

"So, specifically with regard to the sprints, I have to see whether my team on the ground can absorb the extra workload the races would entail."

FIA urge patience

Although he voted against the expansion of the sprint programme, ben Sulayem stated he is not against the move but, as McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown suggested, he had wanted to "do some more homework" before committing to the change.

"I support the races if it is the right thing to do," the FIA president added.

"I'm not saying it is the wrong thing. I am saying there is time to decide. This is for 2023, not this season. Our house isn't on fire.

"We have what is called a democracy: Formula One [Group] have a vote, the teams have a vote, I have a vote.

"If you then say I can't abstain or take time to study the proposals then you are not allowing me the freedom of democracy."

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